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#4494 UI is breaking after adding setting - Hi Team, UI is breaking after adding setting Regards Shanth digitlicensing Closed Bug?
#4148 Mokas SalesPipe Question about the Sales stage - Currently in our system we have to send emails everytime we move a customer from one sales stage to info124 Closed General Question
#3668 Configuration of the Sales Pipe Plugin - As you can see in the attached Screenshot, there is a configuration section. But this section is no Sma Closed Bug?
#3636 Enable German button texts for pipeline overview - Hi all, we are currently testing the SalesPipe add-in for our German sales team. Unfortunately a admin35 Closed Bug?
#1293 Dashboard not working / SalesPipe Option blanked - Hi guys, I have problems with the Plugin because I can not generate the dashboard (the SalesPipe) bencesziklay1985 Closed Bug?
#713 "Failed: Key does not exist" - Hi, I've purchased 30 days free trial for SalesPipe, but at the end of the Installation, it info paulgazel Closed Bug?
#305 Key does not exist - Hello I've just purchased Salespipe on a 30 day trial, but am getting an error message "Key does northcourtuk Closed Bug?
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