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#537 - User permissions

Closed Feature created by robdouglas 3 years ago

Where do I allow users to access Kanban?
They can access it on the menu, but they can't do anything. They get an error that says they don't have permission to use it.
I can't see anywhere to enable user permissions as the module doesn't not show up in the user profile access tab?

  1. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    3 years ago

    1. You manage access to Kanban module in Role Managment in administrative panel of CRM.
    2. If you can give me an access to CRM-instance, I can check if everything is all right or we can have a skype call with screen sharing.

    My contacts are below. If you send me access, then please do it by email or skype.

    Best regards
    Andrey Uymin
    Project manager, Vedisoft
    skype: andrew.uymin

    • robdouglas member avatar


      3 years ago

      I have resolved it, but Kanban as a module doesn't appear in the Role management area?

    • Vedisoft member avatar

      Vedisoft Provider

      3 years ago

      Please do "Repair Roles" in Admin->Repair

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