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Administrators can copy dashboards from any user to any number of users, security groups, or roles. Save time logging in as individual users to set up their dashboards.

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#3771 Gateway timeout 504 Error when trying to deploy dashboards - See screenshot attached. The customer is getting the gateway timeout error when trying to deploy FibreCRM Open Bug?
#3544 404 error on deployment - When trying to deploy a dashboard to (user/role/security group) I get a 404 error goodgreek Closed Bug?
#3236 Dashboard goes back to previous one - Hi Team, We have installed your addon and copied the dashboard , seems like the dashboard goes ba RedPiranha Open Bug?
#3159 Dashboards deploy but the filters do not copy - Hi filters don't copy when deploying the template. is this correct ? surely everything should copy w FibreCRM Closed Bug?
#2813 Is it possible to set the Default Dasboards for Users? - Hi, is it possible with Dashboard Copy Manager to set a default HomePage with a set of Dashboards fo Lion Solution Closed Feature
#2785 Page redirects to localhost instead of public IP - Hi, We have installed version 2_10. We access SuiteCRM remotely using a public IP address. We hav genet Open Bug?
#2714 No Roles selectable - Dear Jackal Software, i've just installed DashboardCopyManagerSuiteCRM_V_2_0_6 on a SuiteCRM v.7.1 Lion Solution Closed Bug?
#2499 Dashboard copy manager not working as expected - Dashboard Template creation • Created a sample template • Tried to copy the template to pjyoti562 Closed Bug?
#2474 Dashboard Copy Manager does not work - I use dashboard copy manager to create a new template and choose a user (e.g. User A). However, when raymond1 In Progress Bug?
#2079 Dashboard Copy manager is not deploying templates - Hi, We originally deployed a very simple dashboard across the sales team and are wanting to advance marcus.nicholson In Progress Bug?
#1928 Just push a Tab - Can I just push one tab to a role? I'm reading your doc and I'm not sure if your solution replace rickdolishny In Progress General Question
#1792 Error when deploy template - When click on deploy template, blank page appears Not Found The requested URL / gduplenn In Progress Bug?
#1710 do I have your app installed? - I see a module called 'dashboard manager' with no documentation other than it's version 1.7 How can rickdolishny Closed General Question
#1399 NO 'Copied From User' FIELD IN DASHBOARD TEMPLATES - Hello everybody, I've already installed this nice tool (Evaluation version) on my SuiteCRM. I noti alessandromarcioni In Progress Bug?
#1327 Dashboard Tabs - Hi, When I run a deployment, it only copies my main Tab, and erases all custom tabs the end users Chris.Louder In Progress Feature
#1216 Deploy template - resets the "copy user" to default - When deploying a template from one user to another the "copied user" homepage then revert t Open Bug?
#1206 Dashboard not deploying to a specified user - I am running you latest version on SuiteCRM Version 7.8.13 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) I have anthony-e2eperformance Closed Bug?
#1192 Problems with installation - I'm having trouble installing the module. Installation hangs at 29%. Log below - Thanks. Displa amohit Closed Installation
#785 Not deploying template to certain users - Hello Great plugin :) We have around 70 users on the system, split between admin, 10 sales gro t Closed Bug?
#668 Trial Period Expired - Hi, i already trial dashboard copy manager for 1 month, how did i know if i already buy this add pande Closed General Question
#597 Dashboard Copy Manager Licensing - Hi.. I'm trial dashboard copy manager for my suitecrm for now, i have a litte question here about pande Closed General Question
#590 Mass Deoply - Hi, we have potentially 2-300 users , how can me mass select these with out creating deployments for FibreCRM Closed General Question
#399 Deploy does not work - Hello, Since updating to the latest version the ad-on does not function any more. It takes a d daniel Closed Bug?
#239 I tried to create a "Dashboard Templat - I got a blank screen in Chrome. Nothing happened. I got an email. The link didn't work in the e nickr Closed Installation
#157 Deployment not working - Hi, I tried to deploy a dashboard template. I selected 2 roles but after I clicked on "Deploy T tai Closed Bug?
#135 I don't see the option to deploy to roles or groups - Hi, where is the option to deploy to roles or groups located? I can't find it. tai Closed General Question
  • "It is nice to be able to setup a dashboard with the way you want it configured and push it out to users."

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