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#1327 - Dashboard Tabs

In Progress Feature created by Chris.Louder 2 years ago


When I run a deployment, it only copies my main Tab, and erases all custom tabs the end users have.

Not sure if there is a setting I'm missing, but is there any way to change what tabs are copied or erased?


  1. shad member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Hello Chris,

    Unfortunately the only option we have for copying over dashboard data to users is all or nothing.

    For the additional tabs are those all consistent across users or are they different for all users. I was going suggest creating a couple of users that are solely used for dashboard templates for the different types of users you may have then make changes and deploy from those users.

    I know it isn't ideal but would that work for what you need?

  2. Chris.Louder member avatar


    2 years ago


    It doesn't quite appear to be that all or nothing, as it is only pushing the main tab.

    I build a dashboard with 3 tabs, that I wish to push to all users. It is only pushing the main tab and not the other 2.


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