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Administrators can copy dashboards from any user to any number of users, security groups, or roles. Save time logging in as individual users to set up their dashboards.

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The simple solution for your Dashboard copying headaches

You chose SuiteCRM for a lot of reasons. Extreme flexibility. Low cost. No vendor lock-in.

But let’s face it, at the end of the day, you saw how it could help your bottom line.

If you can make your sales team more effective, that means more customer engagement, stronger relationships, and more sales, more fundraising, and more opportunity for your company to wow your customers.

But you know it’s not just about the sales team. SuiteCRM allows your IT staff to be more creative and more agile. I don’t have to tell you how much that benefits the entire company. Dashboard Copy Manager helps you take that even further.

Simple … faster … better.

Want to set up a Home page for a new user? You need to log into each account and set them up manually. Want to add a new dashlet to a user account? You know the drill. It’s fine if you’re doing that for one user. Maybe even two. But as the number of users expands and the number of iterations piles up…

You get the picture.

Dashboard Copy Manager saves countless hours for administrators. Simply copy the settings from an existing user and drop it into to a selected group of Users, Security Groups, or Roles.

Administrators have two option to move dashboards to end users: - Clone all dashboards from a selected user to any number of Users, Roles, or Groups. This functionality replaces all the Home page dashboards to the end users. - Select individual dashboard tabs from any user and Append to any number of Users, Roles, or Groups. This will add the selected dashboards as new tabs for each deployed to user.

You save time and money

What’s the value of time? This much is for sure: It ain’t free. And it’s for sure better spent on other things than manually setting up Home pages for new users or manually copying dashlets over… and over… and over… again.

Better still, what’s the value of the new creative solutions, bug fixes, and development that your team isn’t doing because they’re spending time doing manual tasks that could be simplified?

With Dashboard Copy Manager you can copy the Home page dashboards from any user and deploy to any number of users you choose. Additionally, you can deploy to Roles or Security Groups to save even more time and prevent missing anyone.

Move fast, break things… and fix them no problem

Dashboard Copy Manager allows your team to move faster and get their work done in a fraction of the time it used to.

And when they move a little too fast and overwrite a dashboard by accident? No problem.

When deploying from a template, Dashboard Copy Manager also creates a backup of each user's dashboard. This allows admins to quickly and easily restore a dashboard.

It's as easy as

1. Create a Template and select the user you want to copy.


2. Choose to deploy to selected users, roles, or groups


3. Select who to deploy to


4. And then… oh wait, there is no “and then” – you’re done already!

Once deployed you will have a before and after setting from which you can restore from


Try some “back of the envelope” math

At Jackal Software, we don’t overcomplicate things. We aim to create simple solutions that make life easier for SuiteCRM users. Well, that, and to help them operate more efficiently and save money.

So I encourage you to do some simple math.

Consider how much time it takes to set up a new user’s Home page. I mean literally -- how many minutes does an administrator in your system require to set up a new user so that user is primed and ready to hit the ground running?

Now multiply that out over how many times that’s done. And multiply that out over how much that administrator’s time is worth.

And that’s just setting up brand new users. It doesn’t even consider the time it takes to deploy new dashlets across existing users.

In other words, it’s quickly apparent just how much time and money Dashboard Copy Manager can save you. So I encourage you to try it today and start saving!

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