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#5208 - Default dashboard bug

Open Bug? created by FibreCRM Verified Purchase 2 months ago


We have come across a bug where if the "default for new users" tick box is ticked on a dashboard template, if a user then has a security group added to it's profile, it then adds the ticked dashboard template to their profile and overwrites the dashboard that they currently have.

Let me know if you need any further details.

  1. shad member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    2 months ago


    I think I found an issue that "may" be causing this. Just so I understand completely and don't waste your time would you mind recording a Loom (or similar) of the issue you are experiencing? That way I can confirm the resolution before sending off to you.

    • fibrecrm member avatar

      FibreCRM Verified Purchase

      2 months ago

      Hi, thanks for coming back to us,

      I don't really want to replicate the issue with our customer again but I will see if I can recreate it on one of our test systems and try and get something over to you.

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