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Drag N Drop module helps CRM users to create new Documents and relate it to that specific record just by dropping the files into Drag N Drop sidebar widget. The user can upload multiple files at a time. Using Drag and Drop, users can create and relate a document in 2 – 3 seconds which usually take more than 15 seconds.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2985 Want to include text field default value - Currently when i setup the drag and drop, only drop down fields are available to set default values, alexlee Closed Feature
#2670 upgraded to 1.0.6 but auto refresh is not working. - We have upgraded to 1.0.6 and the new auto refresh feature does not seem to work, am i missing somet briandoyle Closed Bug?
#2498 Drop files widget not found - we don't see "drop files" widget for the drag and drop addon at the accounts module. we al pjyoti562 Closed Bug?
#2462 Manifest.php for version 1.0.5 indicates 1.0.4 nov 2017 - Hi, the enclosed manifest in the zip indicates 1.0.4 and build in nov 2017 pvzijl Closed Installation
#2369 Unable to upload files - Hi, The module was installed and activated. When our user drag and drop something into the widget Nature Closed Bug?
#2194 No upload possible under Internet Explorer 11 - Hello, we have installed your plugin but apparently, the drag and drop file upload module is not usa diligent Closed Bug?
#2033 Unable to Request a Demo - I am trying to request a demo from the Learn More dropdown on this add-on page but nothing happens w kinetix Closed General Question
#1711 Dropdown box does not appear - We have upgraded to version 1.0.4 and the dropdown box for the category is not present. briandoyle Closed Bug?
#1674 Adding a document doesn't refresh documents panel - After dragging a document you can't see the document in the documents panel. so I thought it didn't pvzijl Closed Feature
#1601 Add-on doesn't work without System administrator rules. - We use 7.10.7 and SecurityGroups (if this important). I can use the Add-on and the function works w Michael Closed Installation
#1573 Custom module - Hi, how do i add this to a custom module. I have set up the module to have a many to one relationshi briandoyle Closed Bug?
#1385 Selecting category after upload - how can we choose category of uploaded document? pavanverma Closed Feature
#1263 Plugin functionality does not work on Internet explorer - Hello sir, This plugin does not work win internet explorer.Please let me know whether this plugin Brainvire Infotech Closed Bug?
#1239 Add-on doesn't work - Hi, Module installed, settings following modules: Contacts, Accounts, AOS_Contracts OK. The widget BVDC Closed Bug?
#1164 Add-on doesn't work - Hi Support, We just purchased the add-on, installed it and activated with the license key. Follo rahuljain Closed Bug?
#1102 Need to add one more module - Hello, I installed you plugin and we are very impressed with it. We want one more module- 'Projec Maharshi Closed Feature
#966 Please refund Order #3426 - Dear all, we were testing drag&drop documents. Actually it is working but it doesnt fullfill our blum Closed Installation
#956 Please cancel our Trial - Sorry, our Managagement wont invest in this time mirko Closed Installation
#932 Please cancel our Trial - Plugin doesnt work, please refund our money mirko Closed Bug?
#930 Adon doesent Work - Hello, i tested the Plugin on two suitecrm 7.8.5. installations on brand new and in our life syst mirko Closed Bug?
#903 Parsing Function? - Hi, May I know if this module includes a parsing function as well or it just the document to a recor alantan Closed General Question