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Drag N Drop module helps CRM users to create new Documents and relate it to that specific record just by dropping the files into Drag N Drop sidebar widget. The user can upload multiple files at a time. Using Drag and Drop, users can create and relate a document in 2 – 3 seconds which usually take more than 15 seconds.

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#1601 - Add-on doesn't work without System administrator rules.

Closed Installation created by Michael Verified Purchase 4 years ago

We use 7.10.7 and SecurityGroups (if this important). I can use the Add-on and the function works well. All other users (no system administrator) see the Add-on – put a file into and get a positive respond ( 1 file successful …), but the file is not stored - documents is empty.

Thanks for helping, Michael

  1. blackant member avatar

    Blackant Solutions Provider

    4 years ago


    Maybe, the user's don't have access to create a new document and we are not showing the message correctly.

    Can you send us a non-admin CRM login credential to to check?


  2. maltaner member avatar

    Michael Verified Purchase

    3 years ago

    Thank you, for resolving our config/code. Now is working well


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