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SuiteCRM Signature Field Plugin Add signature fields directly from the studio to allow your prospect to agree and sign your records. Add Signature fields on any Studio-enabled module (base and custom modules), and print it on the PDF templates !

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#3943 Imge 64 no displayed in Gmail clients & others - Hi, We use Esiganture field module in combination with email templates and Workflows to send email hola1 Open Bug?
#3941 Signature no displayed in emails templates - Dear Idevit team, Last 25 of October our Suite CRM provider has updated the software and it seems hola1 Closed Bug?
#3605 7.10.30 - MAJOR BUG Signature not saved in DB Correctly - We just upgraded from 7.10.29 to 7.10.30 and now our signatures are not saving properly in the datab cmultari Closed Bug?
#3604 Can someone from the sales department please contact me? I have an offer to make - I'd like to make an offer for the signature field plugin. thelogos Closed General Question
#3309 Signature field not working - I have tried using the signature field on both a touch-screen device and a regular browser with the nativitconsulting Closed Bug?
#3212 Signature is not saved in certain browsers - Using latest Chrome/Firefox/Edge, the browser is sending a blank value back to the database for a si cmultari Closed Bug?
#2984 Field Will Not Show in "Person Form" - Trying to create a Person Form in SuiteCRM that will require a signature, but the signature field is cmultari Closed Feature
#2614 Vardef Type Options - I'm trying to set some conditional vardefs on a signature that fall outside the scope of "Read only cmultari Closed Feature
#2454 Signature not saved after save record - I have input data and sign in signature field and then click save It show "No Signature saved yet" webttleng Closed Bug?
#2411 Adding to PDF Template - The instructions for printing the signature field in the PDF Templates seem to be a bit outdated. L cmultari Closed Bug?
#2365 Validate - We tried to validate SIGNATURE FIELD ADD-ON: LICENSE CONFIGURATION see the image attached! [Schermat bressanelli Closed Installation
#2209 Signature - We'd created a field in account in our company crm. Could you please inform me about the possibil bressanelli Closed General Question