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#2614 - Vardef Type Options

In Progress Feature created by cmultari Verified Purchase 5 months ago

I'm trying to set some conditional vardefs on a signature that fall outside the scope of "Read only after save". For example, a user may accidentally brush the signature field with their hand on a mobile device, not notice it, then save the record. The signature would still need to editable after that without discarding the whole record. In our CRM, I have a "Ready To Submit" checkbox. I would like to make the signature readonly/disabled after that box is selected.

If I do this by setting the 'type' to readonly, Editview will display the actual DB contents (e.g. ...). Trying to disable the field on edit view appears to do nothing (record is still editable). Is there a way around this?

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    5 months ago


    In deed I am unsure this scenario can be handled currently in the field.
    if you're changing the "type", SuiteCRM will replace the "signature field" layout/code by the type you specified.
    Setting up a readonly field is only working for "text" field within SuiteCRM.

    Disabling the field using read-only vardef option is not yet supported in the module.
    How do you try to achieve the readonly flag : hardcoded ? via code depending on another field ?

    After having looked to the codebase, I think the most possible way would be to add a boolean check feature working like "readonly after save" but that would be a circuit breaker : it would disable the module only if both "readonly after save" is enable AND the checkbox (name of the checkbox) is checked. It would answer your need to what I understood.

    Unfortunately I am currently not planning this feature is not yet planed in our roadmap for the module as I am on other projects.
    If you're open to professionnal services offer, I might challenge my own agenda and do some extra work in weekend.
    Just answer us in this thread and if you agree, I will send a fair price regarding amount of work to extend the module. Please note that the service and payment will still be processed directly by SuiteCRM store.


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