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#2984 - Field Will Not Show in "Person Form"

Closed Feature created by cmultari Verified Purchase 2 years ago

Trying to create a Person Form in SuiteCRM that will require a signature, but the signature field is left out entirely.

  1. cmultari member avatar

    cmultari Verified Purchase

    2 years ago

    For a little more info, it lets you add the signature field in the layout, but when the form is created, it is missing entirely in the HTML.

  2. idevit member avatar

    iDevIT Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Hello and thanks for reporting your question. First I need to apologize for the delay, I missed the notification in our mailbox and discovered your question only this month as we adressed your other compatibility issue.

    Person Form is an HTML Form generated from Campaigns module. It generates a form to be included in another website (outside CRM scope) to retrieve some Leads/Contacts information.

    We in deed never designed our module to be able to be integrated inside the form and thus this is not a bug. We even don't know if we can really customize the Web2Lead generator.

    Your question must be address not as a bug but a feature request.

    Unfortunately adding this feature is currently not on our roadmap (in deed we have to admit we never thought about this form before!) The idea is interesting but as we need more time to investigate the possibilities.

    I will close the question but will add the link on our todo. If you have an emergency regarding this feature, please contact us to get more information about our professionnal services rates.


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  • "Works as described. Developer is very responsive to requests. Working great on 7.10.22." - cmultari

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