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#2209 - Signature

Closed General Question created by bressanelli Verified Purchase 11 months ago

We'd created a field in account in our company crm.

Could you please inform me about the possibility to delete a signature from the account?

Many thanks
Nice day

  1. idevit member avatar

    iDevIT Provider Affiliate

    11 months ago

    Hello Angelo,

    We designed the module to sign sensitive data in mind, such as quotes.
    Thus once saved, we thought that the signature should never being deletable by user action as it could raise legal issues with customer.

    Currently, there's no option about the fact to allow to delete an already existing signature.

    I could have a look if it might be added quickly (and at no extra cost) but it might requires up to Hours of additional work and in this case maybe we will not add the feature to the roadmap.

    Could you describe your use case to better understand the functionnal scenario that led you to try to erase the signature ?
    what is your business objective with our module please ?


  2. idevit member avatar

    iDevIT Provider Affiliate

    8 months ago

    No answer for two months - closing the case

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