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Customer Portal for SuiteCRM helps your company create and maintain a standalone portal for your customers, enabling them to log in and use your services, complete required tasks, keep track of support cases and many other functions.

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#4703 Portal login issue - After downloading the package, i've extracted in CRM folder and tried to login but getting "Network Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd Open Bug?
#4655 Questions - Hello Good Day, Currently, I am on a 30-day trial period, but I have some questions for you. 1 waraikobuot In Progress General Question
#4628 Installation - I am trying to upload zip file I downloaded after purchasing package. It says manifest.php file is m In Progress Installation
#4401 Are you available to help? I will show you what I am experiencing - I am assigning sub accounts to a main login, I am also including the main account contact into the s scott7 In Progress Bug?
#4399 One contact two different accounts. No support ticket show - I created a contact, and assigned an account. Opened a support case/ticket for that account. It sh scott7 In Progress Bug?
#4162 Setup Support - We worked on the setup a little bit ago, but things happened here and I wasn't able to finish the se scott7 Closed Installation
#3753 layout not configured yet for the module - i have configured the layouts and have built a package and uploaded it to the proper directory and w jharvel1 Closed Bug?
#3626 Navigations to Detail View are KO - Hi there, I'm doing some test of your portal addon. So far I encounter some issues I fortunate aratsima Closed Bug?
#3541 Cancellation - I put in for a cancelation over a month ago during my free trial and I just noticed that I have a ch jharvel Closed Bug?
#3459 How can I set up the Portal URL? - I've already installed the module but how can I set up the Portal Url, I was trying to do for localh mconde Closed Installation
#3446 Multi-Tenant Portal - Hi, Will this product support a multi-tenant portal? If not, can you suggest one that will? A sgodfrey Closed General Question
#3429 reset link not working in welcome email - If I click on the "reset password" link in the welcome email I get the following error message: "404 falco Closed Bug?
#3427 password reset not working? - If I click on password reset and fill in the user email, I get the following error message: "Network falco Closed Bug?
#3426 No email send after "Enable Portal" is checked - We are trying to enable the portal for a demo user. We have checked the box "Enable Portal:" and h falco Closed Bug?
#3425 Custom logo for Portal - How can we change the portal logo. We would like to show our own logo.png and .ico falco Closed General Question
#3418 How to install the "" file - The final step is to download the "" file. I successfully did this, but where should I in falco Closed Installation
#3395 after i create a username for a contact i cant login and it tells me username doesnt exist and it wont let me reset password - after i create a username for a contact i cant login and it tells me username doesnt exist and it wo jharvel Closed Bug?
#3385 A few issues - After installing the package I faced a few issues: 1. There is no Customer Group list populating in emmanuel1 Closed Bug?
#3367 language settings possible? - Is it possible to change the language of some labels in the frontend? buchhaltung1 Closed Feature
#3362 Installation aborts - The installation aborts. The last entry in the installation log is: Install custom fields ... Suite buchhaltung1 Closed Bug?
#3099 Custom modules - Is the portal able to create forms and views for all modules including all custom modules? alex4 Closed General Question
#3037 Update user info - I m planning to use it for updating customer info. I want to be sure what all my customer info is co Ertan Gencer Closed General Question
#2908 Trail Extension - Sent an email last week that we are still working on getting this software running in our environmen mattmcbride Closed General Question
#2823 Can't get custom groups to show in the drop down - I created a new drop down and added 4 group types in the Studio. I only have the option to choose De mattmcbride Closed Bug?
#2808 Custom Module Config - Whether any custom modue can be configured also for customer access Regards, CA. B.C.Chechani CA. B.C.Chechani Closed Feature
#2755 Received error trying to validate license - I received the following error when validating the license. **You do not have access to this area dcarmody Closed Installation
#2753 Scheduled successfully. You will receive the package shortly. - Hi Can you help me on it? Thanks SaadKhakwani Closed Installation
#2706 Demo site doesn't work - I'm trying to look at the demo site linked on the "About" page but the credentials provided don't wo alex4 Closed Bug?