Highlevel Overview

Blackant Solutions developed Customer Portal for SuiteCRM to help your company create and maintain a standalone portal for customers, enabling them to log in and use your services. Save time, resources, and a lot of back-and-forth communication by empowering customers to self serve in areas approved by your business.

Customer Portal for SuiteCRM dashboard

How it can be used

  • Raise a service request or support case with your organization
  • Keep track of a service request or case until it is closed successfully
  • View old service requests and their associated details
  • Work on any tasks created by your organization, for example: sending any required compliance documents like driver’s license, government-approved ID, proof of address, passport, etc.
  • Upload new documents and/or view documents related to products/services used
  • Update profile information at any time

Customer Portal for SuiteCRM List View


Customer Portal is a value add for customers because it helps them have better, more meaningful interactions with your organization and the products or services they use. It serves as a single place where customers can log in and track all of their support cases or service requests, or get details about new solutions being offered.

  • Portal is very fast and light
  • Easily configurable by SuiteCRM admin users; you can decide which modules and fields customers can see and configure accordingly
  • Quick set up: in less than 5 minutes, Customer Portal can be built and rolled out
  • No need to custom build a separate portal by your IT workforce, which reduces cost and improves operational efficiency

To learn more about this solution, go to Customer Portal or search for "self-service portal."

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