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Faster address entry with our Google Address add-on for SuiteCRM. Enter verified address data using Autocomplete Google Places API Integration with "Address" field type. Also supports custom modules of type Person and Company. Adds a "Show Map" button to your detail views for any address.

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#2148 Suburb - Is there any way to pull the suburb from the Google Maps address - perhaps to line two of the street andrewg In Progress Feature
#2086 Not Working when Installed - <input type="text" size="40px" id="billing_location_address" placeh tfairbanks Closed Installation
#1899 latitude and longitude - How can we enable passing latitude and longitude from google maps to CRM using the pre-existing lati rickdolishny Closed Feature
#1785 City, State, and Zip disappears upon saving - The field appears to work correctly, when I type an address in, the city, state, and zip populate as 1reason Closed General Question
#1696 Added another address field in Accounts and Google Address isn't populating - When I create another address field in the Account module, the field shows up as "TextField&quo 1reason Closed General Question
#1517 OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - Hello, I uninstalled the previous version and installed 1.1.3. The API key is enabled with Googl daniel Closed Bug?
#1512 OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - - Good afternoon We have problems for the complement to work. We have updated to version 1.1.3 but altia_valladolid Closed Bug?
#1509 Can not find location! Google error code : OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - I purchased the add-on today 10/19/2018 downloaded installed per the instructions and I receive the swelker Closed Bug?
#1505 I have same issue as #1493 - Can not find location! Google error code : OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - I was told to look for a new download in my purchase history and it is the same as I have installed. Lucian Rye Closed Bug?
#1501 I have same issue as #1493 - Can not find location! Google error code : OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - I continue to receive OVER_QUERY_LIMIT, it used to work fine. lrye Closed Bug?
#1493 Can not find location! Google error code : OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - Hi, I have been using the plugin since August 2018, I encounter the issue of **Can not find location martin1 Closed Bug?
#1217 It does not with Suitecrm Versionen 7.2.1 - I had no problems with the installation. But if I tested it with a address it doesn´t work. finance Closed Feature
#1069 accessibility support and Microsoft SQL / IIs support? - Hello does this solution is screen reader friendly? i.e. accessible? and does it matter if my i Serge Pelletier Closed General Question
#1026 Problem button to see the map - Good afternoon I do not get the button to see the map, it shows up in my custom modules. They are altia_valladolid Closed Installation
#1020 Problem - I followed the installation guide but it does not work in any suitecrm module Version 7.8.15 Sug altia_valladolid Closed Installation
#979 The Google Address plugin not work - I activate the module and the Google API, but the plugin dose not work. The SuiteCRM is in Spani jcomas Closed Installation
#946 Plugin dosent work - Have ou the probabilitz to take an look to our CRM instance via romte and find the error. i install mirko Closed Bug?
#882 Is it possible to adjust format? - If I look up an address it always comes back in the format Number Street In Holland Street Number i pvzijl Closed Feature
#801 compatible with Suite CRM running IIS and MSSQL? accessibility ? - hello is your module compatible with Microsoft SQL ? is the control accessible for blind person? Serge Pelletier Open General Question
#796 not work with another language - Hello, I have been testing the plugin and it works well in English, but when I use a different lang lpalet Closed Bug?
#755 Doesnt work - Hello, We installed, generated new Google API key and are not seeing auto-complete working in any silvershark Closed Installation
#617 Show Map button doesn't show map - Recently installed on SuiteCRM 7.9.4, running on Amazon AWS Linux. Installed ok with new API key, an BlackSandPublishing Closed Bug?
#586 Commas After Street Numbers - We tried your software today and noticed that a comma is added after a street number, but before a s ACM Closed Bug?
#570 Use short_name for state - Looks nice. I assume it'll be quite trivial to change the state entry to short_name instead of lo jdickinson Closed General Question
#519 Message - "Oops! Something went wrong." - It worked right after I installed it, and then, now, I simply get the above message 1reason Closed Installation
#467 no function - Sorry, I made the installation following the steps but it doesn't work. Suite version 7.8.5 Can lpalet Closed Installation
#443 No Show Map link - Hi, just installed this great Extension, but the "Show Map" link does nor show for us daniel Closed General Question
  • "Address lookup works exactly as expected. Urdhva Tech was very responsive to my questions."

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