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Experience lightning-fast address entry with our Google Address Autocomplete, now powered by Rapid Auto Fill! Streamline your data input process across Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Invoices, and Quotes modules. As you begin typing an address, our intuitive system presents a dynamic list for quick selection. Benefit from the precision of the Google Map API, ensuring an accurate and efficient population of address information. Simplify your workflow, enhance accuracy, and accelerate your purchases with our cutting-edge Address Autocomplete solution.

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Google Maps API for Rapid Address Autocompletion

Enhance user experience with Address Autocomplete powered by Google Maps API. Our feature suggests Lead/Contact addresses in real-time as you type, leveraging the precision of the Google API for accurate and efficient results. Elevate your user interface and streamline the address entry process for quick conversions and seamless purchases.

Downloadable Packages

  • Download for PHP version between 5.3 - 5.6
  • Download for PHP version between 5.6 - 7.0
  • Download for PHP version 7.1 & above

Note: The product requires an ionCube Loader to be installed to activate the module in your SuiteCRM.

Quick Overview

Streamline Address Entry for Swift Data Input

Bid farewell to typos in Lead/Contact address details with Google Address Autocomplete. Elevate the efficiency of updating contact information in your CRM seamlessly. Our module anticipates and suggests addresses as your sales team begins typing. Compatible with Contacts, Leads, Invoices, Quotes, and Accounts, this feature ensures precision through the accuracy of the Google API. Speed up your address-filling process for enhanced productivity.


Precision through Streamlined Field Mapping

Optimize address data organization with our user-friendly field mapping feature. Easily correlate all address fields according to your specified format. When your sales team enters address details in one field, Address Autocomplete steps in, presenting a curated list of matches from the Google API for seamless autofill of other address fields such as street, zip code, country, and more. Enhance accuracy, mitigate errors, and save time and effort in the address entry process. Experience heightened efficiency in your workflow.


Tailored Control over Address Suggestions

Exercise full control with Address Autocomplete by customizing module settings. Enable or disable the feature selectively for each CRM module based on your preferences. Whether it's Invoices, Quotes, Contacts, Leads, or Accounts, you have the power to toggle the feature on or off according to your specific CRM needs. Enjoy the flexibility to fine-tune and optimize the Address Autocomplete functionality for a personalized and efficient user experience.


Elevate Your CRM Experience Today!

Experience the power of seamless address management with our Address Autocomplete solution, meticulously designed to enhance accuracy, streamline data entry, and boost overall productivity. Our user-friendly features, including real-time suggestions, precision field mapping, and module-specific controls, ensure a tailored experience for your CRM needs. Say goodbye to errors, save time, and empower your team with the tools they need for swift conversions.

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