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Google Address Autocomplete, suggests address fields as you start typing the address in your Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Invoice and Quotes module as a list to choose. Easily populate address info with the accuracy of Google Map API.

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Address Autocomplete by Google Maps API

Google Address Auto Complete suggests your Lead/Contact addresses as you start typing using google maps API. The address suggestions shown on the go are with the accuracy of the Google API.

Downloadable Packages

  • Download for PHP version between 5.3 - 5.6
  • Download for PHP version between 5.6 - 7.0
  • Download for PHP version 7.1 & above

The product requires ionCube Loader to be installed to activate the module in your SuiteCRM.

Quick Overview

Speed up your address filling

No more typos in entering your Lead/Contact address information. With Google Address Auto Complete the contact information of your Lead/Contact can easily be updated into your CRM. The module suggests as your salesman starts typing it. The module works for Contacts, Leads, Invoice, Quotes and Accounts. The address are suggested with the accuracy of Google API.


Enhanced field mapping

The simple field mapping enables to relate all the address field based on your address specification format. And when your salesman enters address information in one of the field, the Address Auto Complete suggests a list of all matches available from Google API to choose the other address fields like street, zip code, country, etc, to get auto-filled. This will add more accuracy by avoiding errors in address and helps to reduce time and effort involved. Suitecrm-Address-Autocomplete-Mapping.png

Control Address suggestions

Address Auto Complete has complete control over the module like setting up enable/disable mode for each available CRM module. The support available for Invoice, Quotes, Contacts, Leads & Accounts modules, and have control to switch ON and OFF on your required CRM modules.


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