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Google Address Autocomplete, suggests address fields as you start typing the address in your Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Invoice and Quotes module as a list to choose. Easily populate address info with the accuracy of Google Map API.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4341 Refund request - Could not get it to work properly, going with a different solution. Please refund nhorton Closed Installation
#3772 Refund request - Unfortunately this plugin did not meet our requirements, and we went with a different plugin. Please support32 Closed Installation
#3145 wrong placed address data - Hello, I managed to get the plugin to work, now I have the problem that in Comune and Provincia I TELEMAR SPA Closed Bug?
#3130 cannot use the plugin - Hello, I installed the plugin in my suite crm 7.11.15 I get these error in webserver log: [Tue Oc TELEMAR SPA Closed Bug?
#2777 Does this plugin have latitude/longitude fields ability? - I have a custom module for our jobs, many of which are pin locations (latitude/longitude) that don't pmclachlan Closed General Question
#1642 i need it for custom module - I have several custom modules, I need it to work with it as well. I see that you have sent a code to rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#829 Custom Modules - Will this work for custom modules too? peterjakob Closed General Question
#803 Cannot get it to work. - This is the error message that is in my log file, can you tell me what I am doing wrong ? Sat Dec dennis.lebar Closed Bug?