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#3145 - wrong placed address data

Closed Bug? created by TELEMAR SPA a year ago

I managed to get the plugin to work,
now I have the problem that in Comune and Provincia I get the wrong data, they should be AGRIGENTO for example (for Comune field) and AG for Provincia field.
Immagine 2020-10-13 170418.png Immagine 2020-10-13 170444.png

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    Smackcoders Provider

    a year ago


    We will check for the same address in our development server and get back to you ASAP.

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    Smackcoders Provider

    a year ago


    Address AutoComplete module uses the Google API to fetch the address. The Long name of the Agrigento AG is Provincia di Agrigento, and Google API is using the long name to fill in the Comune field. The same thing occurs for the Provincia field shown in the image above. This cannot be changed within our module. To modify the address, you can contact Google support for more assistance.

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