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Find Duplicates BEFORE You Save! Instead of waiting until after you enter a new record's information to know if it's a duplicate, know after the first field if you're working on a duplicate. Say NO to redundant data! Improve your SuiteCRM data quality by being prompted of duplicate values while creating new records.

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#4074 A few questions - Is there a way to have it check for duplicates between two modules? We have repurposed the Leads Mod jkortus1234 Closed General Question
#3931 Very slow when saving any record - Hello, When i use duplicate detector for contact module, records are very slow to save. Any solutio Dursun Tosun Closed General Question
#3609 Tooltip popup on Accounts module not functional in Chrome V90 - No tool tip popups when hovering or clicking on icon after finding potential duplicate. Chrome V christian1 Closed General Question
#3598 Undesired commercial Tooltip appears on some page - Hi there, We just notice an undesired message appearing randomly on our application. We think thi aratsima Closed Bug?
#3492 **Tooltip popups** do not work on web browsers than Firefox - Hi there, My issue is similar to [3432]( : aratsima Closed Bug?
#2919 Find Duplicates - Can't select other fields - As stated above - when I try to set other filters, the system doesn't let me choose other fields... bernhard Closed Bug?
#2918 Doesn't work when data is send via api - Hi, I use this plugin for wordpress: bernhard Closed Bug?
#2796 Similar match found info doesnt work - Similar match found info(i) doesnt work for suitecrm version 7.8.18 Dursun Tosun Closed Installation
#2470 Does not work Targets module - Adding email address to check email, after save it does not save it. ![Screenshot_1.png](https:// Dursun Tosun Closed Bug?
#2456 Information prompt seem not working - I installed this module just now. Found that configuration part was not working very well and I fai wangyijun19 Closed Installation
#2069 Detecting of duplicates with a typo - Hallo, would be nice if the tool could detect duplicates that are very similar and the difference jobvector GmbH Closed Feature
#2067 Partial detection of names - Hello, we need a partial detection of strings for names; example: - Account Name "Microsoft jobvector GmbH Closed Feature
#2050 Where is are the field configurations saved - Hello, could not find the place (Database or config file) where the configuration for the "D jobvector GmbH Closed General Question
#1861 Duplicate Users - I want Duplicate Detector for Users module make username unique. But I am unable to see username in rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#1725 Duplicate Records getting created - In the edit mode the module works like it should. The operator cannot save unless the target field KnightFlyer Closed Bug?
#1598 Duplicator Detection - Hi there, I have installed the duplicate detector however in the "default" column under kbalint Closed Bug?
#1568 ERROR MODULE Duplicate Detector - I have an error, the module does not work I think I have attached a photo of the module. The SUITECR borjacuartero Closed Installation
#1319 Is "Target" a supported module with this plugin? - We demoed this plugin a year and a half ago and had an issue with Targets. Has that been resolved? cmultari Closed General Question
#1109 The information icon (helpInline.gif) does not appear - Installed the product, but the information icon does not appear. Great product. itregister Closed Installation
#1108 Just Purchased....Fields not saving - Fields are not saving when dragged from default to DupDetector fields in admin section. No detectio AFSCMEFlorida Closed General Question
#1082 Doesn't seem to work on Products (AOS_Products) - I am testing this functionality for my customer and tried it on Accounts (Name) and it worked. I te dgailwhitt Closed General Question
#996 Custom Module - Does this work with custom modules as well? mike1 Closed General Question
#874 Account Name - Hi, duplicate field acount name in potential customer, not works. I put in this field, a name of ivan Closed Bug?
#760 Installation & Configuration - Hi, I am interested in buying this plugin. Is installation and configuration included? bsalouris Closed Installation
#624 Email duplicacy - Hello, this detector is not taking email field. how to check duplicate email in this ? sunil Closed Bug?
#355 upgraded to 3.0.3 -> ldap issue- PLUG IN NO LONGER OPERATIONAL - Was using previous version (recently) uninstalled and installed 3.0.3 with great expectations... Serge Pelletier Closed Bug?
#315 Only finds exact match - Hello I installed the addon but it opnly find exact matches, could you pleas ecome back to us how daniel Closed Bug?
#148 Many problems with this addon - I had great expectations on this one; and I tested on a test machine (fortunately!) and before inst Serge Pelletier Closed Bug?
#90 Not allowing Save even though Prevent Submit flag unticked - Hi team, Just purchased the plugin and came across an issue. Even though I have set “Preven rahuljain Closed General Question