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#3198 Only administrators can view quotas - Hello, I am currently having an issue where only system administrators can view the Sales Quotas sollo Closed Bug?
#2960 Is it possible to select another module to pull data from? - I have created a custom module called purchased products. It basically tracks sales order history. W sollo Open Feature
#2901 Cannot update Quotas - Hello, I am having trouble updating quotas. Whenever I try the number immediately resets to zero. sollo Open Bug?
#2889 Does not work. Database Failure. - Hello, I attempted to install the sales quotas module, which was successful, but after opening th sollo Closed Installation
#2771 Probleme d'affichage avec le module - Pouvez vous me contacter svp dès que possible au 0643657673 jmouton Closed Bug?
#2475 reinstallation nouvelle instance - Bonjour, j'a jmouton Open Feature
#2297 Forecast Values - We have just installed Sales Quotas - fantastic! Thank You. I would suggest / ask that there is Discovery-Dave Open Feature
#2292 Total Table in Edit Quotas - Hello, is it possible to add the total table line (like in the report tabe) for the Edit Quotas Vie jobvector GmbH Open Feature
#2202 Quota by Product Category - Most scenarios we encounter require that we define quotas for: Sales Rep. + Period + **Product Categ Ricardo Cairello Open Feature
#2172 Fiscal Year start - Hi, Edit View in Sales Quotas begins at Dec and ends with Nov. To change this we had to change th jobvector GmbH Open Bug?
#2108 Filter Users - Hello, How can we achieve that only certain CRM Users (from Sales) are displayed at the Quotas Fo jobvector GmbH Open Feature
#2070 Opportunity Probability - Hello, 1) Is the Quotas forecasting based on Opportunities? 2) Is the probability field in th jobvector GmbH Open General Question
#2068 Entering Monthly Quotas - Hello, Is it possible to enter monthly quotas? Could not see it on the provided screenshots. K jobvector GmbH Open General Question
#2023 Error with Team Quota - Hello, I just installed Sales Quota version 2.2 and i have set it up but i cant seem to edit sale cokafor Open Bug?
#1753 Caso especial - Special case - Saludos desde Ecuador. He instalado la versión de prueba y ha surgido una necesidad que quisiera sa escorpion241075 Open Feature
#1694 Uneven quarterly quota - Hi, I am evaluating the module. Below are few requirements to deploy it: 1) I want to set quotas muhammadali Open Feature
#1606 Quotes Module ? - Hello Need to confirm before purchase Does this connect with the Quotes module? t Open General Question
#1326 Won Opportunities not showing - Hi, We have an issue that our Won column is stuck at 0. We use a custom list for Sales Stages, Chris.Louder Open Bug?
#1314 Sales quota not displaying - Hello Support, I just installed the sales quota plugin and it does not display the individual quo cokafor Open Feature
#1283 Team Targets - Hi, I'm setting up Sales Quota. People have individual targets, but our agents work in teams a Chris.Louder Open Feature
#1227 Undestanding Modele Parameters - How I can understand how you define Forecast (which opportunities are you putting inside?) saleswarroom Open General Question
#1199 Sales Quotas not Working - Hello, I installed v1.9 on my suitecrm Version 7.8.2. The install was successful. After instal MAHIR Open Installation
#1104 How does Security Work - I am implementing this for about 20+ sales people. However, I have about 40+ users in the system. tcohen Open General Question
#722 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: - trying to install the plugin to evaluate. receiving the above error. We are using Sugarondemand T tony Open Installation
#352 Cannot edit sales quota dashlet in my dashboard - I have installed the newest version of SuiteCRM Version 7.8.3 Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509) In sinapisil Closed Feature
#266 Question about Sales Quotas module - Hi there, I'm currently trying out this module and have faced a problem here. I see that the for cchang Open General Question
#263 Sales Quotas Not Visible - I'm using Sales Quotas 1.4 (new install). I can fill out the Quotas, click save, and the quotas w kruter Closed Installation
#87 Quotas - Hi I have installed quotas and followed the instructions- I can access the module, but when I try to garry Open Bug?