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Profile scores allow customer-facing teams to prioritize and pay attention to significant (potential) customers.

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#2420 undefined index, campaign log and LBL_AOP_INTERNAL - ![undefined-index.png]( anakin Closed Bug?
#2419 no profile star - Dear Sir, only have profile score, but cannot show profile star anakin Closed Bug?
#2185 Profile Scoring triggering a save in DetailView - Hello, Everytime the DetailView is opened for a ScoringPlugin Module (Accounts, Contacts, Opportu jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#2032 Use Profile Scores from Account for Opportunity Profile Score Calculation - Hello, This feature works for Contacts and Accounts Module: jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#2008 After Updating to VIProfileScoring-3.0-Version7.7 scoring stars are not visible - Hello, after updating to the newest version the "scoring stars" underneath Account Name jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1964 No setting visible after installation - After installation, no settings can be seen in the admin area. Where is the problem? The installatio florian2 Closed Installation
#1962 Profile Scoring applied to Employees - We are interested in this plug-in, however, we need it to score our employees (sales people), under francisco Closed General Question
#1955 profile_score_c field should be float - Hello, the accounts.profile_score_c (also other modules) DB type is VARCHAR. In order for other a jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1954 Email Field from Contacts is not available for Condition - Hello, Contacts Email Field is not available if we want to create a Condition. ![Screenshot 20 jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1951 Condition value - If the condition value is multi-select field value cannot be set for the condition: ![Screenshot jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1940 Use Profile Scores from other modules - Hello, we need to calculate one modules profile score based on other modules profile scoring. jobvector GmbH Closed Feature
#1672 Save Scores into Database - Hello, For creating business intelligence reports and analyzing the score data it would be really jobvector GmbH Closed Feature
#1449 Rating is not properly displayed - After the last update: the Rating is not properly display jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1444 fields are not displayed at the proper position - If the field name is a little longer all the other boxes are shifted to the right: ![Screen Shot jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1442 Duplicate Fields - Hello, Some fields that can be selected for the condition are displayed twice, what could be the jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1389 DetailView of Scoring Record - Hello, Scoring Addon Version: VILicenseBasedProfileScoring-1.5 The DetailView of Scoring Recor jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1383 Putting together "Individual Condition" and "Combined Condition" - I think an interesting solution would be also to add an "And/Or" option to the individual jobvector GmbH Closed Feature
#1381 There is no page/menu to enter the licence key (again) - Hello, the page for the license key is only displayed after the add-on is installed. If a new lic jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1379 Duplicate Condition Records - It would be nice and save a lot of time to have the option to duplicate Condition Records: http://p jobvector GmbH Closed Feature
#1375 Custom fields that are not in EditView are not selectible - A modules custom fields that are not added to the EditView are not available for selection as Condit jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1362 Condition Operator disappears - The condition operator disappears after adding a condition of sub and add condition ![Screen Shot jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1361 Only one Individual condition is adding a score - Individual Condition: If there are two conditions: Only 1 condition is adding or subtracting to the jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1360 Updating/Installing the Add-On removes custom Views - Summary: Updating/Installing the Add-On resets all custom changes in the modules Steps to Reprod jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1359 After installing the newest Version old conditions disappeared - Administration => Module Loader => upload and install VILicenseBasedProfileScoring-1.2 Our jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1342 Condition disappears if another one is deleted or added - Administration => PROFILE SCORING => Edit Scoring Sometimes adding or removing a condition de jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
#1340 Bug - Hello, Bug description: Suitecrm Menu: Administration => PROFILE SCORING => Edit Scoring jobvector GmbH Closed Bug?
  • "Great product, the plugin does what we need for scoring individual entries in Suitecrm. Their Customer Support is very fast and responds to every issu..." - jobvector GmbH

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