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Redian Pro Theme is a completely responsive topic dependent on the most recent Bootstrap that accompanies incredible look and feel. This subject offers topic style manufacturer, ground-breaking highlights and progressive UI, portable responsive structure, gorgeous detail view, alter view, List view and so forth.

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#5327 7.14.2 NOT WORKING - I installed the suitecrm 7.14.2 version that you declare to be compatible with the plug-in but it nehos Open Installation
#5290 Doesn't work for SuiteCRM 7.14.3 - i read error Syntax error in template "themes/Redian/tpls/header.tpl" on line 89 "if(isset($module nehos Open Bug?
#5207 Error Installation - Hello, i have this error on install : 23% Fatal error: Uncaught ValueError: Unknown format spe Quentin Open Bug?
#4684 is you them accessible for screen readers - Hello many of my users are using Jaws screen readers; is your theme accessible? SuiteP is not on Serge Pelletier Closed Feature
#4575 Blinking Red Dot - notification indicator - The blinking red dot on the email logo is flashing, but when I click on it the message says, No Curr Closed Bug?
#4565 I tried to create a new theme from the screen, it just returns blank screen - Even after repair. - I tried to create a new theme from the screen, but it just returns a blank screen - Even after quick Closed Bug?
#4397 trying to create new theme style - Hello, I was able to install the theme in my SuiteCRM 7 instance and am now looking to customize VTG Closed Bug?
#4289 Doesnt work on 8.1 - Unable to enter the license key. Also signed up to try it now but it also took the money and it a chrisw65 Closed Feature
#4068 Does it work for suitecrm 8 ? - I have installed theme on the suitecrm 8, but its show very bad. - Having 2 headers (one from old t andrianu Closed Feature
#3815 Can not select a user to add to a role - Hello, When we're in Role management, and we want to add a user to a role, once we checked the box MetrixLJ Closed Installation
#3790 Can't create emails, Editor missing - Hi, when I try to create a new email, all inputs are displayed, but not the editor for the email te dbelca Closed Bug?
#3735 New user, couple of questions - How do you change the font? Is there a way to change the hyperlink colors? they don't match the n intensityit Closed General Question
#3722 Font color changes not working - hi, we would like to change color (please refer images). We tried edit view & detail view to change mrkhairy2 Closed Bug?
#3703 Redian Pro Theme Crash on SQL Server - I have installed this twice the 1st time it crashed SuiteCRM completely and I had to restore from ba stevethefaine Closed Bug?
#3466 PLease could you issue a refund - We still cant get this theme to work - please could you refund gregpalmer Closed Bug?
#3455 Install Failed - ![3.PNG]( choonleonglim1 Closed Bug?
#3408 Missing Some UI/Layout changes - Hello Team, I installed the theme by following the instructions in a document provided by you. Th jags Closed General Question
#3396 Even though there are no notifications, the red dot flashes as if there is a new notification. - Even though there are no notifications, the red dot flashes as if there is a new notification.![ᄉ horid121 Closed Bug?
#3352 No SCSS Support - The whole theme does not support any .scss styling. Everything is just added to generated style.css CM & Sugar Closed Bug?
#3341 Issue with install - HI WOuld appreciate your assistance on this Install Gets to 70% and stays there Display Log In gregpalmer Closed Bug?
#3279 "Sign in with Google" button is disappeared after installing this moudle - Hello Support team, I purchased and installed this module. I like this module, but I have a probl horid121 Closed Bug?
#3171 Adapting a sub theme - Hi, we are trying to adapt the default "Dawn" sub-theme to our needs. We want to change a couple davidmakrucki Closed Feature
#3154 layout glitches - Hey, we are facing a number of design glitches in Safari and Firefox which I like to point out. C davidmakrucki Closed Bug?
#3078 demo link does not work - Hello There, 1-) 19 .Demo Details Click here for demo one-) this link is not working another q kalite Closed Bug?
#3010 Redian Pro Theme - I uploaded the module and clicked on install. The theme seems to have changed. But all modules disp nahmed Closed Installation
#2903 Mail address not visible in display view - Hey, I have a fresh installation of 7.11.13 up and running with the Redian Pro Theme installed. davidmakrucki Closed Bug?
#2851 Pricing - Hi I am based in South Africa and the price of your plugin is great, but really expensive. Is the grantjoyce1 Closed General Question
#2615 Missing image in deletegroup - Button deletegroup is missing. I have to change from #deleteGroup img { content: url(../../.. max.bagnara Closed Bug?
#2605 Empty report with this theme - Hi, all my report is blank after install theme. If i select in my user default theme, report works max.bagnara Closed Bug?
#2597 Calendar selector wrong position - Hi, when calendar show, it is in wrong position. In css i see .yui-panel-container.yui-dialog.yui max.bagnara Closed Bug?
#2595 Change background in login page - Hi, i have make a custom/themes/Redian/redian_assetes/css/redian_login.css with .card-body { max.bagnara Closed Bug?
#2506 Install of them broke UI - Currently Running SuiteCRM 7.10.11 Curl is installed. What are the steps to correct to install? ghansen Closed Bug?
#2388 Demo - Hi! it's possible to activate the demo? Your demo: is asking for a Etairos Business Solutions Closed Feature
#2374 Rompe la apariencia - Al activarlo se ve plano. Rompe el el tema. juanjis Closed Bug?
#2366 Inline editing not possible in list view - Hi, I cannot edit inline in the list views. Can you help me please? sboenki Closed Bug?
#2310 Theme damaged the layout of my suitecrm 7.11.8 site - After installing the theme, it broke the layout of my site. I tried to repair and rebuild option, st henrypet712 Closed Bug?
#2228 Theme incompatible with suitecrm 7.11.8 - Hello, I downloaded the latest zip from store and tried on suitecrm 7.11.8. The theme is still bra ShibuSukumaran Closed Bug?
#2166 Install problem - Hi, I did the installation in a test environment and it was damaged. Can you help me? I am interest Etairos Business Solutions Closed Bug?
#2165 Icons doesn't appera correctly - Hi. I'm trying the theme because we want to buy it. But the icons of each module, in the left panel, Sidevox S.A. Closed Bug?
#2085 Installation problem - Hi, Its not installing properly. pls see the attachment sunilonline Closed Installation
  • "Using SuiteCRM 7.11.20 with Microsoft SQL Server backend. Theme works great and is very well done." - stevethefaine

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