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An export to Excel from any list or report of SuiteCRM.

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#2424 After export, Email column is empty - Hello, the plugin installation was successful and the export to xls is working. BUT, when I export erik2 Closed Feature
#2181 Menu option left after uninstall... - After uninstalling the product, the menu option for Export to Excel is not removed. How can this be jim.kramer Closed Bug?
#2173 Exporting Checkbox Fields - Checkbox fields not showing in exported Excel sheet: ![001.png]( jim.kramer Closed Bug?
#1854 Why is it limited to 3000 records? - Why is it limited to 3000 records? Can i increase it for more records? This is important for me to m dtosun Closed Feature
#1789 Export Only FIrst Page - As per my email, the module only exports the first page of results. leon Closed Bug?
#1773 Export Members of an Target List - Hi do you think its possible to export the members of an target-list to excel? THX Wolfgang wolfganglair Closed Feature
#1690 I need refund of this product cause is not working - I need a refund for this product cause is not working when we try to export covalle Closed Bug?
#1649 unable to export reports to excel - We are trying your producto when we select a report and export to excel it give us a black page plea covalle Closed Bug?
#1504 Trial Limits - Hi, is there a limitation on the trial? Im trying to export my entire contact list and it only expor leon Closed Bug?
#1156 Export address lines separately? - When exporting address data, the SuiteCRM "export to CSV" options always export street-add agray Closed General Question