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Need to set up a numbering system to track your records? Define and add a unique identifier field to any SuiteCRM record. Option rich so that you can define the alphanumeric format that you need. Start tracking your Quote, Cases, Accounts and any other module today.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2763 Product not working via rest - When we create a record using rest it is not incrementing. Through the normal interface (web) seems powerchoice Closed Bug?
#1768 Numbers are updated and changed when editing - Once a sequence is set it shouldn't change if the item is edited. However it will change every singl javier Open Bug?
#1743 Reset the numeric sequence each year? - Dear CMS Staff, Is it possible to reset the numeric sequence each year? Best Regards Specialvideo Open Feature
#1209 everytime we save the number changes and does not stay staitc - need some help here the number changes everytime we save pspillman Open Bug?
#1142 cannot save new sequence says it cannot write to suitecrm.sequences - cannot save new sequence says it cannot write to suitecrm.sequences works in our test box but does pspillman Open Bug?
#804 PHP 7.1 Sequencing Not Working Properly. - I've updated SuiteCRM from 7.9.4 which I have been using CM & Sugar Sequencing Add-on with for s mattforrest Open Bug?
#233 Sequencing AddOn details - I have 2 "basic" type custom modules related (SOhead and SOline). The SOhead will have a f HPadmin Open Feature
#64 Database Error - I've installed the add-on, and configure a sequence to populate the "name" filed of my cus mattforrest Open Bug?
#30 Could not install and gave an error. - Error: Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/KpFq1y/images/Sequences.gif to themes/default/images/Seq JohnAdams Closed Bug?