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Electronic signatures provide a binding way to authenticate a document. We have simplified this in SuiteCRM with an easy-to-use electronic signature capture and embed tool. You can use the E-Signature Field add-on in any default module of SuiteCRM.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#5104 Signatures work, but display with incorrect proportions in Detail view - Signatures work, but are displayed with incorrect proportions in detail view. ![Signature Detail cmultari Closed Bug?
#5099 Include Signature in PDF - If you include the Signature field in a PDF, you get the encoded data from the DB and not the actual cmultari Closed Bug?
#5092 License will not validate - Trying to install on my test 7.14.1 VM and the license key will not validate. Running Apache and PH cmultari Closed Bug?
#4676 the field does not work - Installed but not working. I have repaired but I can not draw. Rascott Closed Bug?
#3648 Cannot see signature field in Tapcrm - HI I am testing TAPCRM mobile but cannot add signature field to edit.or detail view , the field genet Closed Bug?
#3170 Print of PDF Template - Hi, We've created an e-signature field in Accounts module. We also have created a PDF template for nexus_mp Closed Installation
#2955 Not working - I have followed all of the installation steps (installed package, rebuilt, execute query, go to sett nativitconsulting Closed Installation
#2764 It can be used in WebToLead form? - I would like to know if this field is supported in webtolead form. camiloduque Closed Feature
  • "Developer seems to be quick to fix issues and improve compatibility!" - cmultari

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