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Electronic signatures provide a binding way to authenticate a document. We have simplified this in SuiteCRM with an easy-to-use electronic signature capture and embed tool. You can use the E-Signature Field add-on in any default module of SuiteCRM.

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An electronic signature refers to a process of attaching an encoded signature to an electronic document. Many electronic signatures are digitally encrypted to further ensure security and authenticity – but even without the digital encryption, electronic signatures are binding to the documents for authenticity. No longer are companies tied to paper to execute contracts and the resulting process improvement and cost savings can be substantial

We have customize this solution is such a way that you can used this field in any module including your custom module.

You just need to add this field via studio.

All the images are stored into local upload folder so from the security point of view you can assume that all the data are stored in locally.

eSignature field on edit view

SuiteCRM (6).png

eSignature field on detail view SuiteCRM (7).png

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