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Install Guide - Asterisk FreePBX

1. System requirements

PBX-connector system requirements:

  • Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu) with version 2.6 kernel operating system
  • Asterisk 1.8, Asterisk 11, Asterisk 13 or FreePBX version 2.x

2. Please Check Before Installation

  • Server satisfies the system requirements (see above)
  • You have administrator level access to the server
  • You have installation package (installation package name may vary for different Asterisk versions and different platforms x86 or x64)

3. PBX-connector Installation

Download PBX connector for your PBX:

  • Asterisk 1.8
    ** х32 Linux:
    ** x64 Linux:

  • Asterisk 11
    ** х32 Linux:
    ** x64 Linux:

  • FreePBX 2.x with Asterisk 11
    ** х32 Linux (FreePBX):
    ** x64 Linux (FreePBX):

  • Asterisk 13
    ** х32 Linux:
    ** x64 Linux:

  • FreePBX 2.x with Asterisk 13
    ** х32 Linux (FreePBX):
    ** x64 Linux (FreePBX):

1) Extract the package.

2) Copy PBX-connector lib file to /usr/lib (or /usr/lib64 for x64 operating system)

3) Copy PBX-connector Asterisk module file to /usr/lib/asterisk/modules
(or /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules for x64 operating system)

4) Copy PBX-connector configuration file cel_prostiezvonki.conf to /etc/asterisk

5) Copy all the *.pem files to /etc/asterisk

6) Copy PBX-connector configuration file cel.conf to /etc/asterisk

Note! If you have FreePBX version 2.11 and above please do the following instead. Find the /etc/asterisk/cel.conf link and find the actual folder this link maps to (/var/www/html/admin/modules/cdr/etc/ by default). Please copy PBX-connector configuration file cel.conf to that folder and overwrite the existing file (it's safe!).

4. FreePBX Configuration

1) Verify the user extensions (Applications - Extensions). If you have Outbound CID field value defined, then please use the following format only: "User name" .

5. PBX-connector Configuration

Open the cel_prostiezvonki.conf configuration file in your favorite text editor.

PBX-connector basic settings

1) Define the port parameter. PBX-connector listens on that port for incoming connections from CRM plug-ins.

Note! PBX-connector receives the incoming TCP connection from CRM plug-ins on that port. If your Linux firewall is active then please update its configuration to allow incoming TCP connection on that port.

2) If you put the PBX-connector *.pem files to non-default /etc/asterisk/ folder the please update the certificate_path parameter value accordingly.

3) Paste the license key to the contract parameter value.

  • For Asterisk 11 you can use this Public demo key - BYSSH37377950851433441741
  • For Asterisk 13 you can use this Public demo key - GXAQI92421224651843456094
  • For FreePBX - accoding to version of Asterisk your FreePBX based on
  • For Elastix - accoding to version of Asterisk your FreePBX based on
  • For any other PBX - request your personal trial key for your PBX. Please send request email to In your email write name and version of your PBX.

Note! Do not confuse the license key for CRM and PBX. The lisense you got from SugarOutfitters should be used in Admin Panel in your CRM. License for PBX is absolutely different license.

Note! You can request your personal trial key for your PBX. Please send request email to In your email write name and version of your PBX.

Note! PBX-connector verifies license key by submitting license key to Vedisoft's license server. If you have firewall installed please allow the PBX-connector to establish HTTPS connections to external web-sites.

4) Define the log file name with log_file parameter and log verbosity with log_level parameter.

5) PBX-connector can store the call history in special queue when there is no connection between PBX-connector and CRM plug-in. When CRM plug-in connects to PBX-connector it receives call history from that queue.

If you want to use that queue you should define queue_max_length parameter value. For example if you want to store call history in that queue for last 24 hours then parameter value should be twice as large as the average amount of calls per 24 hours.

6) For better security you can switch on the SSL encryption with use_ssl parameter. If switched on then all the communications between PBX-connector and CRM plug-ins will be encrypted.

Note! If you have SSL on then please use the "wss://" prefix in CRM plug-in configuration. If you have SSL off then please use the "ws://" prefix.

PBX-connector advanced settings

1) If you want to add prefix to CallerID for incoming calls captured by CRM plug-in then update the add_prefix parameter value.

2) If you want to add prefix to outgoing calls made with CRM plug-in the update the out_prefix parameter value.

3) Define the extension length (in symbols) in internal_num_len parameter value.

4) If your phones use a different protocol (SIP by default) then please update the channel_type parameter value accordingly.

PBX-connector call recording settings

1) Define the call recordings folder name in record_internal_path parameter.

2) Then define the call recordings external path in record_external_path parameter. You can establish different types of call recordings access for users. For example, Windows shared folder (\asterisk\records) or HTTP (http://asterisk/records).

3) Define the audio file format (WAV or MP3) using the audio_format parameter.

4) If you choose the MP3 option then you should have the Lame codec installed. Use the lame_codec_path to define its path.

Smart transfer configuration

You can use "Smart transfer" feature to transfer incoming calls to responsible employees automatically without IVR or secretary.

If you want to use the "Smart transfer" feature please do the following:

1) Switch the smart_transfer parameter to "on".

2) Define the smart transfer time-out (in seconds) in transfer_time parameter. If PBX-connector doesn't receive the extension number from CRM plug-in within that time, then it transfers call to the secretary extension number.

3) Define the answer time-out (in seconds) in answer_time parameter. If user doesn't answer the transferred called within that time, then Asterisk continues to route that call according to its configuration.

4) Open configuration file /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf with text editor and add the following:

exten => 7XXXXXXX,1,Macro(prostie-zvonki)
exten => 7XXXXXXX,2,Goto(CONTEXT,7XXXXXXX,1)

Replace 7XXXXXXX and CONTEXT with the following:
7XXXXXXX – your external phone number you receive the incoming calls on
CONTEXT – dial plan name that FreePBX creates automatically in /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf.

Usually than dial plan looks like below:

include => ext-did-0002-custom
exten => fax,1,Goto(${CUT(FAX_DEST,^,1)},${CUT(FAX_DEST,^,2)},${CUT(FAX_DEST,^,3)})

exten => 73431111111,1,Set(__FROM_DID=${EXTEN})
exten => **73431111111**,n,Gosub(app-blacklist-check,s,1())

Dial plan name is always in square brackets. It's ext-did-0002 in the example above.

If you have several external phone lines (trunks) with different numbers then do the above for every external phone line. For example:

exten => 73431111111,1,Macro(prostie-zvonki)
exten => 73431111111,2,Goto(ext-did-0002,73431111111,1)
exten => 78002222222,1,Macro(prostie-zvonki)
exten => 78002222222,2,Goto(ext-did-0003,78002222222,1)

6. Running the PBX-connector

1) Please restart your Asterisk to complete the PBX-connector installation:
CLI>    core restart now

2) Check that PBX-connector Asterisk module is loaded:
CLI>    module show like cel_prostie

If you see the module, then you have successfully installed the PBX-connector.

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