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All-In-One CTI is a computer telephony integration between SugarCRM and most popular PBXs.
Easy install. Stable work. 100% support.

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Will it work with mobile devices?

All-In-One CTI supports Android devices. All features are supported (pop-up notification, click-to-call, call logs).

Does it support [XYZ] PBX?

Here are the currently supported PBXs:


Avaya IP Office 500


Samsung OfficeServ 100
Samsung OfficeServ 500
Samsung OfficeServ 7100
Samsung OfficeServ 7200
Samsung OfficeServ 7400


LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO
LG-Ericsson ipLDK 100
LG-Ericsson ipLDK 300
LG-Ericsson ipLDK 600


CISCO Unified Communications 540


Asterisk 1.8
Asterisk 11
Asterisk 13


FreePBX based on supported Asterisk

Any PBX with SIP clients

We've got special wonderful softphone. If you can use softphone with your PBX, then you can run All-In-One CTI integration.

Don't see your PBX on the list?

We are constantly added support for new phone systems. We're either working on yours right now or will be soon. Just contact us and let us know which PBX you are running.

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