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Asterisk/FreePBX does not work? (quick tips)

  1. Try to open such URL:
    http://{address_that_you_put_in_host_field_in_AIOC_settings}:10150 (e.g.
    You should get error 403 forbidden.
    If you don't get, it means, that PBX-connector module is not running OR you don't have connection between your BROWSER and your PBX-server.

If you get 403 error, then you have to check what js-events you have on click-to-call.
If you know how to open Developer Tools in your browser, then
2.1. go to detail view of any contact or account with phone number
2.2. open developer tools and switch to Console tab
2.3. make click-to-call, wait for few seconds.
2.4. make screenshot and send it to
If you don't know how to open Developer Tools then let's have a skype call. Skype is "andrew.uymin".

Please send by email log file and configuarion file of your PBX-connector to
3.1. Log file ususally locates there /var/log/asterisk/cel_prostiezvonki{date_time}.log (please send few latest log files, if you have few)
3.2. Confiugarion file locates there /etc/asteris/cel_prostiezvonki.conf

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