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Webhooks allow communication with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs in your SuiteCRM. With the Webhooks Integration, you can configure HTTP URLs and associate them in workflow rules to automate the entire notification process.

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#3942 webhook - Is it possible for the module to receive data from a third-party site through a webhook? israskynet In Progress Feature
#3809 DELETE flow / parent relation - Hi, I have some general questions: 1) For our prioject we also need to call a webhook on delete. elzinga In Progress General Question
#3749 WEBHOOK FUNCTION NOT WORKING - I have been coordinating with the support team for last 4 days and till now we are not able to find haseeb662 In Progress Bug?
#3256 Can you extend functionality - Does the webhook store the response from the POST call anywhere? I'd like to add the data to my quo peter7 Closed Feature
#3004 Quickboooks - Hi. I noticed you mention this could be utilized with Quickbooks. Is it possible to create inv dwaynecasey In Progress General Question
#2860 verify correct json - we have created a workflow that with a json of one of our applications following your manual when fabianopi Closed General Question