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See everything in a single timeline view which helps you to keep track of key business events and gives you the means to specify what exactly constitutes a key business event for your company. Best of all, it works great on all devices. Get even more value by tracking and displaying key business events that matter to your specific business.

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#2983 Print PDF Ability - A print as PDF feature on this would be an outstanding feature in my opinion? ghansen Open Feature
#2639 subpanel view - Can this module be displayed in a subpanel of a module instead of a separate overlay. Thanks colin Closed Feature
#2451 No panel display available - Hi, I try to install the History timeline but nothing is showed in history panel. Doesn't work. I' claudiobenedetto Closed Installation
#2403 Projects? - Hi, considering to try your addon. Would this work for other modules like Projects or cases? dwaynecasey Closed General Question
#2391 Sort/filter function - Hi, It looks like it has a function to filter by call, calendar, task. Not working for me. bsalouris Closed Bug?
#2178 Does not work with other Theme - Is it possible to make it work with a custom theme? I am currently using the theme from Sugar-projec lodevlayen Closed General Question
#1922 License key gets revoked every 24 hours. - License key gets invalidated every 24 hours and admin has to manually to go in and approve it in Adm R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1919 Information from Change Log not showing in History Timeline. - Information from Opportunity Change Log not showing in History Timeline. Potentially updates from ot R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1916 Emails description missing on all emails uploaded after SuiteCRM 7.10 upgrade. - Emails description is missing from History Timeline, on all emails which were uploaded after SuiteCR R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1915 Does this addon work for 7.7.6 version? - Does this addon work for 7.7.6 version? kothasravani Closed General Question
#1909 Questions about History Timeline / Potential Change Request - Two questions which may be a feature or change request: 1. What is the rationale to have 'Days Unto R&D Tax Solutions Closed General Question
#1908 Emails Sent/Received date incorrectly showing as 'Unknown' in History Timeline - Sometimes we receive emails and consequently create a lead. When we attach the older email to the ne R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1907 Emails attached to Opportunities not showing in History Timeline. - Emails attached to Opportunities are not showing in History Timeline. See screenshot. SuiteCRM 7 R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1906 History about Notes on Leads not showing correctly. - Updated the Notes/Description field of a lead. Previously this field had some text, and after the u R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1903 Dates rendering wrong. - See attached image, showing dates are rendiering wrong. Please advise how to debug or provide update R&D Tax Solutions Closed Bug?
#1900 No Icon Displayed - Hi, I install the history timeline, and really interested to buy it. But i think the icon is not softbless Closed Bug?
#1897 Does it work for custom modules? - Hi, have downloaded and installed. works fine for out of the box modules. We have custom modules, wi bsalouris Closed Feature
#1890 SuiteCRM 8.0? - Is this the same feature planned for SuiteCRM 8.0 release? t Closed General Question
#1889 pre/post sale - I've downloaded this plugin and am testing it internally. We love how it tracks not only tasks, call rickdolishny Closed Feature
  • "UPDATE FOR V2: customer support is top notch! Highly recommended. This is an essential plugin that behaves with multiple skins and responsive. A must ..." - rickdolishny

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