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#1897 - Does it work for custom modules?

Closed Feature created by bsalouris Verified Purchase 3 years ago

Hi, have downloaded and installed. works fine for out of the box modules. We have custom modules, will it work for custom modules? Also I not in another ticket that it is a feature sourced from suiteCRM v8. if we run with this plugin will it cause problems when we upgrade our CRM?? Will we need to uninstall this plugin before updating??

  1. nhat.thieu member avatar

    SuiteCRM Addon Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi Bsalouris,

    Thanks you has used add-on. Currently, It just work with core module has History and Activity subpanels. We will try support it custom modules if in custom module has 2 above subpanels. About upgrade to SuiteCRM v8. Don't worry, We are implement base on custom standard custom of SuiteCRM provide, I sure it will not impact if you upgrade to SuiteCRM v8. Also, We will change UI in the next version to make sure the user will not confuse with the core feature in SuiteCRM v8. Hope plugin helpful for you.

    Thanks, Nhat

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