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Galleria - Image Gallery for uploading multiple images and viewing them as sliding images gallery

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#4313 Any way to reload images from detailview? - Is there a way to reload the images from inside detailview using javascript.... without refreshing/r JohnWreford Closed General Question
#4229 Does it work in projects - Is there an option to create a gallery in projects? How about tasks? Account history or documentat scott7 Closed Feature
#4091 today error allowed - hello, the gallery is not working today. Until yesterday it worked without problems. What happen? massimo1 Closed Bug?
#4072 I press the "+" key nothing happens - Good morning, I installed everything correctly, but when I press the "+" key nothing happens. Thank massimo1 Closed Bug?
#3795 I can't add image gallery at menu (+add image gallery) - Hello I have successfully downloaded and installed Galleria. and I can't add image gallery at me webttleng Closed Bug?
#3610 Drag and drop upload - Hi, We do site surveys and store them as projects under accounts. This results in 100's of images trials Closed Feature
#3350 Random behavior on Edit and detail views - Hi there, First, thank you for you nice add-on. Since I downloaded the zip, I installed it and i aratsima Closed Bug?
#2565 Image Tags Not Working Correctly - Add image with tag (Dashboard). Save .... It displays correctly. Edit Image ... Image shows differe JohnWreford Closed Bug?
#2426 I cannot log-in to my account can you help? - My account will not allow me to log-in can anyone help? mymailco Closed General Question
#2245 i need to upload a images from 3d party app - hi , i need to upload the imagesi from external source. i tried to populate cs_multiupload_galler pietro.sacchi Closed Feature
#2090 Not Working when Installed - Once I installed, the function was there, once I add pictures and try to view them, it shows nothing tfairbanks Closed Installation
#1942 Missing images? - Hi, After I uploaded, the images didn't show (screenshot: Could you plea dangnh Closed Bug?
#1926 I reinstall and doen't work - I installed Galeria-ImageGallery-2.0 on SuiteCRM 7.11.3 but doen't work... I have this error... jesuslimon Closed Installation
#1639 Uploaded images do not show in detailview, either in custom-module or stock-module - hello, I'm having trouble getting Galleria to work. I can upload images in edit-view, but they do reinier Closed Installation
#1618 Visualizers don't work - Sometimes work sometimes doesn't work... I need to "repair" then I can see one the gallery If I wan jesuslimon Closed Bug?
#1548 Don't work - I don't saw the Gallery on a basic module that I made. I saw the log and there's a error on database jesuslimon Closed Bug?
#1386 Thumbnail Image - list view - Hi, Is there a way to show the first image of the gallery as a thumbnail in the list view? Tha daniel Closed Feature
#1096 Is it possible to see the gallery photos and not only the dictionary with their details out side the module ticket - I installed Gallery Image in Trial term , and I tried almost anything with no success. when I in orarbs Closed Feature
#466 Path Issue - Hello I have successfully downloaded and install Galleria everything works fine on adding image Closed Bug?
#463 Can't get Images to show - Permissions Issue - Hello, I haven't been able to get the module to work: Production Installation: Looks like this - wward Closed Installation
#446 Permission issues - Hello, we installed the add-on and running into permission issues, the picture uplodas fine but daniel Closed Bug?
#410 grab images from external source - This looks really nice. These features would be wonderful: - a simple way to import images from e jdickinson Closed Feature
  • "Great support. Helped me get it all working due to a issue on my side, not his plugin. 10 STAR for sure" - tfairbanks

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