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#1096 - Is it possible to see the gallery photos and not only the dictionary with their details out side the module ticket

Closed Feature created by orarbs 2 years ago

I installed Gallery Image in Trial term , and I tried almost anything with no success.

when I input a few photo for some module for example I am indeed can see the Gallery when I am inside the ticket .
but when I wanna see the all tickets details in a table outside I can see only a dictionary with the photo details. and cant actually see the photos.
is it possible any way?
and if it is how can I do that , I tried almost everything

Thank you!

  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    a year ago

    This has been added in the latest version of Galleria Gallery Plugin. If you have purchased the plugin, please update your version. Thank you.

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