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Unify communications within SuiteCRM! Leverage Twilio to make calls, send SMS chats, and launch SMS campaigns directly from your CRM. Enhance customer engagement and streamline workflows.

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#4627 I keep getting the message "Cannot connect to Twilio." - Hello, I installed the package on my SuiteCRM 7.12.8 system. I'm attempting to validate the licen nitinaggarwal Closed Bug?
#4257 Not seeing click to call icon - We've installed RT Telephony on both SuiteCRM 8.0.3 and 7.15.3 and neither version shows a click to tradewind Closed Bug?
#4085 RTTelephony Install process hangs in SuiteCRM 7.12.2 - Hello, I'm evaluating your add-on for SuiteCRM 7.12.2 just installed in a packed Bitnami VM executed raffaellorisso Closed Installation
#3033 Cannot unselect all inbound sources - SuiteCRM 7.11.10 RT Telephony Suite 7 Monthly 3.5.1 I'm evaluating the RT Telephony product, hav caseylite Closed Bug?
#2971 unable to save the call setting - Unable to save the call setting for the RT Telephony and keep having the following error in the log weiaunooi Closed Bug?
#1614 I keep getting cannot unselect all inbound sources error - I keep getting cannot unselect all inbound sources error![Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.01.33 PM.png]( me Closed Bug?
#1479 Sorry an application error occurred - 1. If an agent is logged into CRM when calling the Twillio number, nothing happens, on the CRM, the dindiface Closed Bug?
#1478 Twilio inputs differ from screens, documentation cannot be followed - install doesn't work - The current Twilio setup differs from your documentation (see attached images). dindiface Closed Installation
#1477 Saving contact fails - missing file - When trying to save a Costa Rican number (after installing the module) the page breaks (PHP fatal er dindiface Closed Bug?
#1194 Call drop - Failed "Error occurred on server side(fetch call detail) :parsererror" call drop jyotiraghavsingh93 Closed Bug?
#1175 RT telephony installed but Incomming Messages are not working - I have installed rt telephony . Inbound/Outbound calls are working . Outbound sms are working but in ahmadnawaz212 Closed Installation
#1136 Phone Option is not showing - Hello Sir , I have installed twillio module and made all settings of twillio but still phone icons ahmadnawaz212 Closed Installation
#1060 Phone icon not showing after installation of module and twillio setting configure - Can you please test in our system what's going wrong ? We have installed twillio module and made chris5 Closed Bug?
#992 I want an immediate refund to my credit card. - Your product does not work as promised refund my money or I will have to initiate a chargeback! tfurm Closed Bug?
#854 Installtion not saved - I have igone though all step but still my configuration from the "CALL ACCOUNT:" are not setting up pixxmedia Closed Installation
#843 SMS Not Working - I went through the installation guide and the outgoing click to call works great. However when I tr jaffray Closed Installation
#778 MySQL Error when trying to save settings - SuiteCRM log shows 10 of these errors (1 for each user I have): Fri Nov 17 17:15:17 2017 [2912][1][ robl Closed Installation
#549 Twilio Library is not loaded, Reload Page or Contact to Network Administrator - We have just installed it and, as far as we can tell, followed all the instructions in your install adam2 Closed General Question
#389 Phone icons not appearing - When we installed RT Telephone package, icons for call & message are not showing in front of pho internetcloudtechnologies Closed Installation