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SMS add-on automation makes your business available anytime. Send SMS from SuiteCRM at one click from any module. You can also create workflow SMS and get a reply back as an Inbound SMS.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4161 No history feature - In your screenshots you show a history of the back and forth between the contact and the sms number billlee Open Feature
#4135 Configuration - Does the module give a capability of configuring with local SMS service providers? I only saw twilio Open Feature
#3987 Configure for multiple test environments - Hi, How do I use this for multiple dev and test environments? How does the plugin know the enviro chitale.manjiri Open Installation
#3758 Bulk SMS option not appearing in Target List Actions - Hello, We cannot send SMS via target lists as the Bulk SMS option does not appear as a choice from jonnie00 Open Bug?
#3174 SMS Integration with SuiteCRM - Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'modules/CE_SMS_Configuration/CE_SMS_Utils.php' Viegi_srl Open Installation
#2593 Automation - Can it send text to client on their birthday automatically? contact5 Open Bug?
#2528 Details To Be Known - I will like to get response to the following request as they were not detailed in the store. 1: H prinzeoluwa Open Feature
#2409 setting a (custom) module to template - We have our own (custom) module which include mobile phone. The SMS icon appears close to the numbe ydl Closed Installation
#2314 Inbound messages are not linked to the Lead or Account - How can I make sure an Inbound message is from a certain Lead or Account. As there is no indication euroviewinc Closed Feature
#2038 Inboundsms automatically related to contcts or leads or opps - When the inbound sms come in can they be automatically related to a contact or an opp or lead? Pl billlee Closed General Question
#1995 HTTP SMS Set Up - I am getting 301 reply, the inbound text is not showing up in the CRM I am using URL below. I do no n8weaver Closed Installation
#1871 Inbound messages not working - Hi, I have purchased and installed the SMS Integration. However I have struck a few issues. Geoff Closed General Question
  • "This is the BEST #1 SuiteCRM SMS Plugin !!!! We tried other plugins but they didnt have the capabilities that dreamer tech provided. This plugin has..." - mediaral

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