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The Internal Note add-on for SuiteCRM helps you easily communicate with teammates in an organized way, without having to switch tabs to a different messaging program. Write daily, internal-only notes and keep everyone updated in one convenient place that is also related to the CRM record.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4662 Adding an extra field - One of my customers, who has already purchased the product, would like to use an extra field 'type' Open Feature
#4297 Manage my Internal Note list - how can I see all the my Internal Note list that notified me ? is this available in the module? ddvquy Closed Feature
#4252 Problem with buttons - Hello, I'm in the process of testing your extension, unfortunately it doesn't work, the submit butto L&F Group Sp. z o.o. Closed Bug?
#4176 Page isn't working error after install - Hi I have installed the internal note plugin and validated it but when I click the new Internal Note FibreCRM Closed Installation
#3976 sort order of Internal Notes - Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to sort the internals notes from the most recent to ohot Closed Feature
#3702 Internal Notes and API V4.1 - We use SuiteCRM via API calls. Are Internal notes usable with API (v4.1) calls? (Read, write, ad ohot Closed Feature
#3679 no button on reponses to a root message - Hello, I installed the 'Internal Notes' Plugin on a version 7.10.27 of SuiteCRM. In English, e ohot Closed General Question
#3662 Can be deployed in custom modules? - Can be deployed in custom modules? ECC Closed Feature
#3230 Notification with internal popup - Good morning, we are completing the usability tests of the plugin in the trial period. We have ver Eli-net Closed Feature
#3026 Internal Note to Standard Note - Is there a way to have the Internal Note also sent to the regular Notes in Suite CRM? Also, when the info106 Closed Feature
#2992 Internal Note Installation - I followed the instructions to install and it shows up in the module but when you click on it is gi info106 Closed Installation
  • "This notes module is def much better than SuiteCRM default version" - arvinkuldner

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