Highlevel Overview

Brainvire's developers have created another helpful SuiteCRM add-on to assist sales representatives and their daily team communication. The Internal Note add-on for SuiteCRM helps you easily communicate with other users in an organized way, without having to switch tabs to a different messaging program. Write daily, internal-only notes and keep everyone updated in one convenient place that is also related to the CRM record.

Benefits of Internal Note add-on

  • Send full notes as email notification to any user
  • Display important user notes in one place, helping prioritize high-level decisions for management
  • Easily manage the sales cycle conversion from lead to won opportunity
  • Email notification gets triggered at very important events, helping users take important next steps for modules like cases, opportunities, etc.

How it Works

Users can add notes at the record’s Detail View page. See example below:

Internal Note add-on for SuiteCRM

Users can edit, reply, and delete notes by clicking on the appropriate icon. They can also send an email notification to any user with the '@' symbol to @-mention another teammate, as shown below. To reference or pass along previous conversations, users can send the full notes section history in an email.

Internal Note add-on for SuiteCRM reply

To learn more, go to Internal Note or search for "team notes."

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