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The Internal Note add-on for SuiteCRM helps you easily communicate with teammates in an organized way, without having to switch tabs to a different messaging program. Write daily, internal-only notes and keep everyone updated in one convenient place that is also related to the CRM record.

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Write, organize, and @-mention other teammates in your CRM internal notes

Brainvire has created another helpful SuiteCRM add-on to assist sales representatives and their daily team communication. Internal Note helps to display different user notes in a single, convenient place organized per SuiteCRM record.

Benefits of Internal Note add-on

  • Send full notes as email notification to any user
  • Display important user notes in one place, helping prioritize high-level decisions for management
  • Easily manage the sales cycle conversion from lead to won opportunity
  • Email notification gets triggered at very important events, helping users take important next steps for modules like cases, opportunities, etc.
  • Using '@' mention another user in your internal notes.
  • Also if user need to mention any of his assigned records that module using '#' mention other records.
  • Works on Default and Custom module both.

How it Works

Admin setting is provided for managing notes within any module, using screen below:

FireShot Capture 159 - SuiteCRM - localhost.png

Users can add notes at the record’s Detail View page. See example below:


Users can edit, reply, and delete notes by clicking on the appropriate icon. They can also send an email notification to any user with the '@' symbol to @-mention another teammate, as shown below:



Users can send full notes section history in an email.



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