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eSign-RightSignature a complete SuiteCRM and RightSignature integration which allows you to send the documents and templates for signature directly from CRM. Send your Contracts, NDAs, Agreements and have them signed by your customers online. Track status of each RightSignature document sent via SuiteCRM

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#2356 Live Demo - Hi I would like to set a live Demo to check the **eSign-RightSignature** is it possible? Thanks royasulin In Progress Feature
#1950 RightSigniture - Is it coming with a rigthsigniture license, or I have to but that individually on the rightsigniture matevisky Closed General Question
#1638 is there a pdf template is filled up automaticaly with suitecrm leads information and then sends to recipient for signature? - is there a pdf template is filled up automatically with suitecrm leads information and then sends to hkhan Closed General Question
#1550 Does this integrate with DocParser? Trigger SuiteCRM workflows? Costs - I recently purchased DocParser and wonder if this will integrate with it to send documents created f dngreene Closed General Question
#1372 Citrix - Esign plan - Hi, what plan would i need to purchase from Citrix-Rightsignature? And how many users? or are the daniel Closed General Question
#922 30 day trial and Rightsignature - Hi i beleived i was enetering a 30 day trail but i seem to have been charged for full version. Also cloudfonix Closed Bug?
#503 Sending a Quote for signature - I'm not sure what I'm experiencing is a bug or if I just don't know how this is supposed to work but darrenhollick Closed Bug?
  • "This plugin is great! Send and manage signatures really easily inside SuiteCRM. Even better, the developers are great at customising the plugin for your specific needs. We can now send 1 document from an Account, dictate & manage 3 Contact signatures all from SuiteCRM!"

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