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#4003 - How to Include Signature Line in SuiteCRM Generated PDF

Closed General Question created by admin28 5 months ago

In your explanation video there is an example when sending a CRM PDF Template to RightSignature which then is shown to have a PDF Signature block already in place with the Quotes details from SuiteCRM. How are signature blocks input to a SuiteCRM PDF template?

  1. admin28 member avatar


    5 months ago

    Ah disregard, I found the page in the Docs which details this. Adding "{rightsignature_signbox}" to the PDF template used.

    Followup question: is there a mechanism in this plugin to designate different signatures for multiple signboxes in a SuiteCRM PDF Template? I generally have multiple signatures necessary for some documents and it would be very helpful if there was a way to designate which signatures go in which signbox field.

  2. urdhvatech member avatar

    Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

    5 months ago

    You can use the same variable to capture signatures at multiple places.

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