Using Freshdesk? Bring that data into SuiteCRM for a fuller customer picture

Posted by on July 27, 2018
Working with the latest Freshdesk API v2.0, this integration by Dreamer Technologies brings in not only any case created in Freshdesk, but also the contacts, accounts, and replies associated to a case. Having Freskdesk cases copied into SuiteCRM helps remove another silo and gives visibility into every interaction your team is having with a customer or prospect. Armed with better information, your SuiteCRM users will be able to make sure the customer is taken care of and also to feel better cared for.

Score your records for better efficiency with Profile Scoring

Posted by on July 24, 2018
This new solution by Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd makes it possible to weight your records and assign a score based on the field values. With these scores your team will be able to quickly identify where their time and effort is best spent next. The result of being able to better focus on the right leads should result in quicker closed deals.

Speed up Processing Time with Quick Subpanel

Posted by on July 19, 2018
One of my personal pains with CRM is when I need to spend so much time interfacing with the UI. One of those pain points is when I need to quickly find a contact for an account. In our set up the contacts subpanel is somewhere in the middle of the subpanel list. It not only takes time to scroll down to that area, it also requires my weak eyes to strain while trying to find the correct subpanel in the pile of data. This is why I'm excited for Quick Subpanel. It's not a huge, fancy new feature, but the simplicity of it is the beauty. With it I can save the eye strain and time so that I can focus on the real business value.

Use Contactually Along With SuiteCRM

Posted by on July 9, 2018
Contactually is a popular contact database for real estate agents and brokerages. Using it along with SuiteCRM creates a powerful combination. SuiteCRM's tools for automation, marketing, self service portals, etc makes it a no brainer for Contactually users. This integration provides a way for contacts to be synced between the applications.

New SecuritySuite Features Including Multiple Assigned Users

Posted by on June 20, 2018
When I first released the alpha version of SecuritySuite over 10 years ago I could not imagine it being used by tens of thousands of businesses every single day. Today, SuiteCRM includes a basic version of SecuritySuite by default. Wow! I am forever grateful. This leads me to the big announcement. I have never posted a blog about SecuritySuite before, but I am so excited about these new capabilities and plans that I had to share them. These are not included in SuiteCRM by default. Please humor me for a few minutes and read on.