by Fynsis Softlabs

The synergy of Xero and SuiteCRM is a double bonanza, as SuiteCRM Xero Accounting Integration by Fynsis brings a seamless flow of data of customers from inside your CRM to the actual billing and invoicing system in useful handshake so the bills can be generated within CRM.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#2251 Instructions don't work - I can't see where to get the Xero consumer secret, key, public key or private key, where is this inf accounts6 Open Installation
#1218 Xero Purcahses - Hello, We are very interested in the plugin which looks very good. One key point of the ability RakataTech Closed Bug?
#936 Where do I get my XERO PI Key from? - Hi, I got to the stage where I need to enter my XERO API key. Where do I get these from please? markb Closed Installation
  • "I love the user experience design which is super clean and simple."

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