by Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd

The Reminder and Notification extension for SuiteCRM from Variance InfoTech helps to automate reminders for any date or date time field. Great for getting In-App or Email notifications whenever there is an upcoming birthday, anniversary, contract renewal, or anything else that matters for your unique business needs.

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#2589 Email type field - Hi there, I'm having the “This module does not contain any email field!” error. C soporte3 Closed General Question
#2588 Do not save/load Template - hi, it not start notification and in the administrative panel do not load and save template.... it d massimo.capuano Closed Bug?
#2583 Not loading date fields when select module - Hi guys, check the installation scripts. Some JS libraries are not being accessed by folder permissi soporte3 Closed Bug?
#2432 Birthday Reminder - I want to set birthday reminder only to active employees. I have a custom module (where employee ent rdprasadravi Closed Bug?
#2431 Users or Employees module - The first step, in Select Module, Employees or Users do not show up in the dropdown. rdprasadravi Closed Bug?