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Implement the power of Google Authentication features in your SuiteCRM platform for improved security.

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#4653 Issue with installation - Hi, We have an issue with the installation of the plugin. When installed we do not see the 'Two Fa jonnie00 Closed Bug?
#4601 Version support 7.12.7 - Hi, Does this plugin support version 7.12.7? It suggest only up to version 7.12.6. Please can jonnie00 Open Bug?
#4440 Version Support - Is SuiteCRM 8.x supported yet? Closed General Question
#4416 Recovery Secret Key - How can I recovery the secret key ¿?? I lost it in my google auth android app and I need to install danielrios Closed Installation
#4387 Support for SuiteCRM v8.x - Do you currently support v8? Is it in your product roadmap / "coming soon"? Thanks! Ricardo Cairello Closed General Question
#4264 Google Secret ID can be registered more than once and shows in plain text - Hello, we have implemented your MFA solution and I have a security cocern 1. The Google Secret TonyJ Closed General Question
#4263 turn google auth on and off and back on - no email on 2nd activation - Hello, We have implemented your Google Authenticator plugin and have the following issue: 1. e TonyJ Closed Bug?
#3911 use the same licence in testing and after in production - Googdmorning once I have bought this plugin I can install it before in my test version of stuitecrm andreagranzotto Closed Installation
#3899 Support version - Goodmoorning I have installed the version 7.10.27 on my suitecrm, I'm wondering if yours plugin al andreagranzotto Closed Installation
#3141 Product Not Working As per your guide - Hello There, I have purchased trial of your product and installed this on Suite 7.5.3 v. But I noti AppJetty Closed General Question