Highlevel Overview

Now users can add a trusted source of security to their SuiteCRM platform. Brainvire Infotech has implemented the Google Authenticator feature for CRM users to have two-step verification during the log in process as a protective precaution.

How it Works

Once you apply the two-factor authentication to the user profile settings, any SuiteCRM user that tries to log in will be directed to also validate via Google Authenticator. The secret key to set up in Google Authenticator will be sent via email. See example configurations below.

Google Authentication for SuiteCRM code

Users will need to enter the code generated from the Google Authenticator app in their IOS or Android device.

Google Authentication for SuiteCRM code entry

When setting up a new user on the User Profile screen, select the two-factor authentication interface value to Google Authenticator. You can follow the example in the screenshot below.

Google Authentication for SuiteCRM configuration

To learn more about this solution, go to Google Authenticator or search for "two-factor authentication."

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