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SuiteCRM Advanced Export is here to help SuiteCRM users get over their daily struggle of extracting data from their CRM system. Using it, you can extract, send, and retain records of your choice from your SuiteCRM system. And the best part? You can export files in an easy to manage format. Now, get desired data and records from different CRM sections in the CSV, PDF and XLS file formats!

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#4548 Requesting refund - Can you please cancel our license key and process a refund as this plugin does not meet our requirem gregg1 Closed General Question
#4547 Requesting refund - Can you please cancel our license key and process a refund as this plugin does not meet our requirem gregg1 Closed General Question
#4521 Have installed and configured and can see no export options in any actions menu - Have installed and configured and can see no export options in any actions menu. Particularly int gregg1 Closed Bug?
#4501 Duplicate data being exported - Hi We are using the Advanced Export For SuiteCRM plugin but are seeing duplicate results in the dat paulmcgovern Closed Bug?
#4381 Refund request - Hi We are requesting for refund as our client does not satisfy with the features. I believe t Kernello Tech Solution Closed General Question
#4324 Deprecated constructor - Hello, I saw that you still use Basic::Basic(); in CE_custom_export_sugar.php. Its working fine domivds Closed Bug?
#4249 Cannot use - Please refund the payment, I cannot access Advanced Export in the drop-down menu and I see no docume james6 Closed Bug?
#4197 PDF Export doesn't work - Dear, purchased, installed, setup, export to xls or csv works fine. I only have an issue with ex Nicmuch Closed Bug?
#4100 Filter is not applied when exporting - Hello, since the installation of the plugin, the export functionality does not accept the filter domivds Closed Bug?
#4058 Database failure. - Hello, When i try to get list of my Targets from Targets subpanel, there is database failure error. Ertan Gencer Closed Bug?
#3740 the report module - i wanna to expor the report in the report module santiago Closed General Question
#3736 Description - can it exports description with row spaces? leonardo.sandoval Closed General Question
#3695 export a report - Hi I would like to know if the plugin can export data of a report santiago Closed General Question
#3629 Want to export a Case itself not list. How can I do it??? - It exports only by list view, but I want report to be exported as csv. How can I implement it in my faruqh Closed Feature
#3618 Currency Export - When exporting a list in excel, the currency columns are formatted as text. Can this be fixed so th ross1 Closed Bug?
#3603 Collaboration plugin - not working in module helpdesk - Hello, we are testing the Collaboration2.1 plugin. We have a problem in one module, entries are not marcinrosinski Closed Bug?
#3540 Export option doesn't download report content - Hi there, I just purchased this add-on and installed it. When I tried using it to export a report kale Closed General Question
#3263 Export ID field - Hi, Is it possible to export record ID field. I need it because, i want to export my targets in t Ertan Gencer Closed Feature
#3220 Cannot get it to work - I have installed the Advanced Export For Suite CRM and run Quick Repair and Rebuild and I cannot see jsm25 Closed Installation
#2873 Disable default export - Is it possible to disable default export button in bulk action menu. ![Screenshot_1.png](https://s Ertan Gencer Closed Feature
#2815 Empty list for non admin user role in reports module - I want to get report results. When i try it with admin role, i can get it. But when i get it with no Ertan Gencer Closed Bug?
#2572 Please refund purchase - I would like to get a refund please. Software is installed but I am unable to use it. Installation mark3 Closed General Question
#2522 Advanced Export For SuiteCRM - Hi, I have ordered your product - Order #: 9315 and have trouble making it work. I have install marcinrosinski Closed Bug?
#2479 No deletetion for added fields - When i add fields, i could not delete the added fields. Seems deleted after save but no result. Ertan Gencer Closed Bug?
#2468 Installation error - The zip file is missing a manifest.php file. Cannot proceed. Ertan Gencer Closed Bug?
#2382 Custom modules - Is it working for all modules and custom modules? And also for reports module? dtosun Closed General Question
#2217 Problem With The Export Function. - In the role of an administrator, when I click and choose export in excel, csv, or pdf, only the hea kalite Closed Bug?
  • "Everything is well and good. Thank you for your support and help. "Outstanding Support" is really correct what you said." - Ertan Gencer

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