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Add the ability to not only upload multiple files, but also the ability to preview different file types right from inside SuiteCRM. Supports many file types such as PDF, Word Docs, TXT, PNG, JPG, and more.

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#5217 Can uploaded file be used in email templates as attachments and in Workflow Emails from individual records to the record email, using Version 7.11.19 - Can I used the uploaded files to send to customers as attachments in an email workflow? kenclancy14 Open Bug?
#4733 Does not work after install the plugin in 8.2.3 - I have just download and install the plugin, 1. Enter License Key 2. Add Fields with "Documents" Open Bug?
#4239 Broken image for all Uploaded Document - Hello, It appears that the uploaded documents are being given the wrong permissions, consequently I wward Open Installation
#4172 Trial Cancellation Missed - Missed trial cancel date. We arent evaluating product any more but are waiting on client to approve micahyarborough Open General Question
#4055 Does this work on 8? - Does this work on 8? ja1 Open General Question
#2929 Cannot view zip file and viewing of pdf file is not consistent - I cannot view a zip file uploaded. Double clicking it opens rename. No way to re-download to read. ivansr Open Bug?
#2088 Need MOV instead of MP4 files to upload - How would I use MOV video files instead of MP4? We use Iphone and upload videos from them, which is tfairbanks Open Installation
#2011 Bulk Document Uploader - Good Day Support I am testing Bulk Uploader , I'm trying import 100 document and link them to exi ThamsanqaZwane Open Feature
#1976 PNG files not showing up after upload - We tried the ,HTACCESS solution from another bug/issue but that did not resolve the problem. PDF, J mymailco Open Bug?
#1682 Unable to view PDF, Doc after uploading in Documents - Hi, I am unable to view PDF, Doc after uploading in Documents. Screenshot attached. Please saqibazeem Open Bug?
#1241 Bulk Uploader - I am currently using your "bulk uploader" with SuiteCRM. I can easily integrate bulk uploader on my darrel Open General Question
#1186 Failed Failed: Public Key does not exist. - Hi .. i cannot use the key to activate the plugin. why? jemkissDL Open Installation
#1004 Field Not Displaying In Quick Create Form (Subpanels) - Hi there, I've installed everything successfully, however I cannot see the field when I try to up sidekick Open Bug?
#735 File does not open pdf in list view only when i edit the module and click on the link - File does not open pdf in list view only when i edit the module and click on the link in firefox. jasonbrown Open Bug?
#641 EDIT mode to attach files does not work - Hello, I have installed, repaired and added a documents type field to one of my modules. When I g peterjakob Open Bug?
  • "Works great, support is excellent. We found an issue with files names and they addressed it quickly." - mymailco

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