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Add the ability to not only upload multiple files, but also the ability to preview different file types right from inside SuiteCRM. Supports many file types such as PDF, Word Docs, TXT, PNG, JPG, and more.

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    10:17 am July 5th, 2019 | share link

    Does it works for uploading Documents modules file also?? or just uploads from system??

    1. NiketGupta member avatar

      Ideadunes Provider Affiliate

      a year ago

      This is a datatype which gives the capacity to add upload type field in any default or custom module of CRM via studio you can add a field in Documents module and select what all files should be allowed to be uploaded. For preview, to the default document files, we can give a separate plugin or can add this feature as well in the same plugin if and as needed.

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    8:11 am June 6th, 2019 | share link

    Works great, support is excellent. We found an issue with files names and they addressed it quickly.

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