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SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration, Click To Call, Call Notification Popup, Call Logs, Call Recordings, Call notes, Call transfer.
Supports Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastix, VICIDial

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Requirements For Hosted SuiteCRM Server

  • You need to have support to run NodeJS application on the server where SuiteCRM is hosted.
  • If NodeJS is not installed on hosted server, asked your Server Administrator to do it for you.
  • You can take help from
  • Or you can download and install NodeJS from enter link description here by your own.

Requirements For Asterisk Configuration

  • Asterisk Server IP
  • AMI Username
  • AMI Port
  • AMI Password

Note : AMI Stands For Asterisk Manager Interface

Requirements For Asterisk Server

  • You need to enable CDR Event into Asterisk Server in order to have Call Logs features
  • You need to enable event filtering for better performance, to enable events filtering add below line

For Asterisk 11 and below:
eventfilter=Event: Dial
eventfilter=Event: Bridge
eventfilter=Event: Cdr

For Asterisk 12 and above:
eventfilter=Event: DialBegin
eventfilter=Event: BridgeEnter
eventfilter=Event: Cdr

Other Requirements

  • You must have SIP Phone (any soft-phone or IP phone) registered with your extension to use Click To Call functions.
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